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  1. Poorer than a church mouse here so I am wondering how is it I get a lawyer to sue this guy with no $$? I went to see a lawyer about filing bk (lol, turns out I'm even too poor to file bk-fees are too high) I wonder if she'd be able to help. Of course I'm still back to the whole $$ thing. Thanks guys! Melissa
  2. I wanted to clarify a few things. I wrote a check that bounced to the company I owe money to,they let it go for over a year and now they have hired a lawyer to collect. This is the man calling me saying he's going to sue and calling my MIL. He also sent a henchman to our neighbor across the street and told them to have me call him. I always wonder if they can send a person to your neighbors house why not come to yours and deliver a letter instead of trying to call a number for all they know could be wrong. Is that legal? Melissa
  3. I have had this lawyer/ca calling me and leaving nasty messages about money I owe a company. He says he will get a lawyer in my state to sue me if I don't call back. Well I don't deal on the phone so I'm not calling him back. Well now he has tracked down my mother-in-law I believe by a list of references I gave the company when I applied for this account. Of course as the typical MIL she is po'd at me for screwing up something in her precious sons life and I'm really po'd that they called her! My questions is , is this legal for them to call her and discuss personal info such as the fact tha
  4. I just got my Experian Credit Report and there are a ton of addresses which are wrong, some that were mine a million years ago, 1 name that isn't mine and a few versions of both my current and maidne names. So I know I dispute the ones which aren't me/mine but what about the old addresses. Should I have everything which isn't current taken off or just the ones more than 5 yrs old? How do I phrase it I mean if they were mine at some point is it really ok to say it isn't mine? As for my names should I leave all the versions of both my maiden and current names on there and just get the wrong name
  5. I was wondering about something. I am just about ready to file bk well I have to save up the $1000 to do it first but I was thinking that once I have the money saved and I am in the position to walk in and file it in an emergency (in case they get smart and try to sue) if I have to that I'd send a letter to my creditors telling them I'm about to do it and that I'd gladly settle for 25% of my debt & a 'paid as agreed' stamp on my report to them if they'd agree. Basically telling them if they and my other creditors can't agree to this than I'll file and they will get zero zip nada. Anyone t
  6. OK on the topic of Sears , the accts are in my DH name. He has 2 accts. I would like to give you the info on the TL's for one account so you can get an idea of what I mean by multiple TL's, thenperhaps you can tell me what to say to the CRA. If you don't mind. I'm not a religious fanatic but There will be a place in heaven for all of you helping each other fight the devil. So here it goes... frommost recent backwards Sherman Aquisition / Acct ********* Opened 06-2003 < I guess thats when they bought it> CRA (xpn tuc) HIgh 6704 Balance 6704 Status Coll-P&L Rpted 06-04 Lact <bla
  7. Thanks for the welcome and the in depth info! I am very glad I found this before submitting to the BK Gods. A couple questions you say about the CA I contacted to make sure it is legal for them to be adding fees on top of the original amount. Other than requesting a contract from them between me & the OC which I had signed is there any other way to do that? *************** As to the Sears account, you ask did we sign any agreements as to this debt do you mean the original credit card contract? It is a credit card and I assume the only thing that is an agreement of that is the original cc a
  8. Hello All-I have been reading for about 6 hours now and thought I'd throw my situation out there and beg for some help. We decided to go to a lender and see what we needed to do to get a house. We knew our credit was horrible as we got hooked up with Genus Credit Management (DON'T DO IT!) and they screwed us-imagine that..:smirk:. We have been away from them for 2 yrs and still haven't gotten contact by everyone we owe. In fact after that disaster we don't know who we owe or how much. Our credit report was a good start however many accounts have seen sold to numerous CA's and they are all rep