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  1. The last payment on the account was made on 9/97 charged off by sears on jan 1998. Risk management got the account on 9/98 and states that is the DOLA with them. The DOLA for sears is dated 1/98 on my EQ report, but rma has the DOLA reported on the report as 9/98. I have both billing statements from sears and the EQ reports to proof this.
  2. hi everyone. i am about to file a suit with rma for reaging my sears account. they have also added interest and other fees to my balance. how do i organize/ file my complaint? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i am on a time budget. thank you p.s this is in small claims court in florida
  3. i am having problems with rma too.. i say we do a class action suit against those bastards. same thing here could not validate debt from 98, re aged account, bluh bluh bluh. cra's would not delete it either. CAS is the best way i think. any one else up for it?
  4. 4. How one would get the attention of an original creditor to force them to remove a erroneous entry off a credit report. 5. How one would get the attention of the credit reporting agencies to remove a erroneous entry of a credit report. answer: simple... report a fraud alert and talk to the cra's and the cr's and they will usually work with you. i have done that myself and already 4 out of 6 items have been deleted! chances are all they will ask u for is a copy of your driver's license and they will match the signatures. how many people sign their name the exact same way everytime? i appreciate you bringing up your concerns but it is a little obvious that you haven't been a paralegal very long. maybe instead of insisting you are correct how about bringing up your points in a not-so-offending, matter-of-fact way and u may get better feedback.
  5. i did dv them and they sent me an itemized statement of my entire account history. there is nothing on here about these misc fees. they just violate the FCRA again and again. i am so frustrated these collection companies cause so many headaches. it appears as though these fees were added overnight and i guess they are collection fees or interest charges?
  6. hi everyone, i am writing about risk management. i have an old sears account that the date of delinquency is 9/98. rma reaged the account by seven months. the balance was 1600. now i received a letter from them stating i owe 2150. is this legal? despirit to get this removed! any advise is greatly appreciated.
  7. If they have not attempted to cash your checks yet, check your contract. Most payday companies allow you to stop them from depositing your check, and then giving you up to a month to pay the loan. This would give you alittle more time and keep you from obtaining bank fees.
  8. Here's a new twist I just spoke with the property manager and she states they have never used National Credit Systems. Great I'm trying to get her to send me a letter saying that.
  9. Here's the problem I have an old debt to an apartment complex. The complex originally used a collection agency called national credit systems. Then they change to a company called capstone and they have had the account for about 3 years. I've dispute and DVed them both. Both companies have the sent the proper proof. My problem is both are listed on my credit report. If I pay Capstone (which is who I'm working with) I may have problems getting it removed by national. I have spoken with the original creditor and they say it should be with Capstone only. Unfortunately they refuse to help getting it removed from National. Now is having two collection agencies actively collecting on a debt a violation of the FCRA or FDCPA? How should I precede? I think my only option is getting more aggressive with the apartment complex. Well any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    I wondering weres it in the FCRA or FDCPA that talks about reaging thanks
  11. How many times will a mortgage company pull your credit?