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  1. Harry- I did contact several attorneys but never had a response from any of them. I'm not worried about their legal fees, honestly.
  2. OC is Citi and I've never had an account with them and I called them and they couldn't find anything under my social either.
  3. Hello All, I have a negative trade line on my Equifax report that Equifax stubbornly refuses to remove. I've disputed it CMRRR twice and both times it came back verified. I've called the OC and they have no record of any account with me. Because of this error on my report, I lost out on a great home re-financing deal. I have never had an account with this particular OC and need to get this removed. I subscribe to the Equifax credit monitoring service and see under the Terms and Conditions they have an arbitration clause. No, I was thinking of filing an arbitration demand with AAA (one of th
  4. If Chase were to verify the account information, then you would have a cause of action against Chase for FCRA 623s-2b and, likely, the CRAs for parroting the information. The FCRA provides for attorney fees, which, should you win, would be paid by the defendant(s).
  5. Have you disputed the alleged debt with the three CRAs? If not, do so, via CMRRR. If you have and the data furnisher verified as accurate. Send the JDB a letter that unless they remove the trade line from your CRA's, you'll file a lawsuit against them for violating FCRA 1681s-2(. Since they couldn't prove the alleged debt was yours in court, they'll likely have it removed.
  6. The next documentation they'd be receiving from me would be a summons and complaint. I'd sue them for violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1681e(, failure to have procedures in place to ensure maximum possible accuracy; and failure to properly investigate disputed information, which is a violation of 15 U.S.C. § 1681i. Once they received my "documentation" I'm sure the trade line would be removed.
  7. I'd say that the pulls without providing validation constitutes continuing collection activities, which violated the FDCPA. Also, if this isn't your debt or they can't prove it is, then, in my opionion, no permissible purpose existed for them to obtain your CRs and they are also in violation of the FCRA.
  8. It seems that arbitration pertains only to specific EX products: Experian Connect, Credit Educator, and Credit Educator for Enterprises. I don't see an arb provision for general EX credit reports. Am I missing something.
  9. A great resource is for searching court opinions. Google Scholar is OK, but I prefer The link for the case I referenced is: CONNELLY v. HILTON GRANT VACATIONS COMPANY, LLC - June 11, 2012.
  10. A recent opinion BRIAN CONNELLY v. HILTON GRANT VACATIONS COMPANY, LLC, (S.D. Calif., June 11, 2012), stated that: According to Hilton, “Plaintiffs’ Complaint provides little information beyond the unsupported conclusion that ‘Hilton Grant Vacations used an ‘automatic telephone dialing [system]’ as prohibited by [the TCPA].’” (MTD 18, ECF No. 6 (quoting (Compl. ¶ 13, ECF No. 1))) Although this allegation by itself might be insufficient, Plaintiffs supplement it with allegations that support a reasonable inference that Hilton used an automatic system. Knutson v. Reply!, Inc., 2011 U.S. Dist. LE
  11. I'm thinking of using arb against EX and EQ for FCRA violations. I wish I could find out if they/do they settle quicker in arb than in a regular lawsuit. Does anyone know? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the additional information, bad98roadster! Did EQ put up a fight when you initiated arb? Did you collect any damages? I looked at their arb provision and am thinking of asking for the filing fees from EQ upfront by writing to their PO Box address they list.