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  1. I wrote to all the CRA and ask them to verify my medical paid collection...EQ, EXP and TU they are all gone!! I definitely feel good now. thank you all for all the input. muneca,
  2. I 'll try this one definitely! I'll will let you know the outcome!! thanks, muneca2,
  3. definitely, I don't want to make fool of myself...let's say I ask for verification to the CA and comeback verified and then what is the next thing to do. In my humble opinion, is hard to say "is not mine" and to make things worsts "is paid" and not to mention, I didn't have insurance at that time=I don't know if that helps any= I'd like to find a way to get deletion on the first time of dispute=like everybody else of course= any extra advice? muneca2
  4. Yes, I have a medical paid this point I will try anything like request verification and whychat hippa. I am a very persistent person, I'll try until I get something done! thanks to both of you, muneca2
  5. how long the CA will take to remove all my info from their system? if I know this info and I dispute to the CR and they don't have anything on their database about me...that means I am on the clear? am I wrong? thanks for any input, muneca2
  6. well... maybe is the same here too. thanks for your reply.
  7. I had a traffic ticket that was dismissed in court six months I'd like to know how can I get that information off my records for good! I am in Florida... thanks, muneca2,
  8. Thank you so much for the info. muneca2
  9. I was wondering... just for the records...who hold the charter on Citibank? I am curious and I would like to know!! muneca2
  10. It's going to take time but, I am pretty sure you are going to make it. muneca2
  11. After two long years cleaning my credit report with collections, identity theft and everything else, I can finally say..."I am so happy I just have to tell you guys"... I just receive my first credit card!! I just got "blue American Express" and my score is up to 700!! Thank you for all the help I had received from you in this website, You were a lot a help. muneca2
  12. I already dispute them and came back verified....
  13. I want to type a good will letter to BOfA on my sister behalf, two years ago she settled the account for $4,000. the original balance was $11,000. The listing appears on the cra=all three=as paid and closed. She try to refinance her house, but the moment they see her credit history, the deal failed. I was wondering, If I sent a goodwill letter to BofA, got a be good enough to do the trick and remove the derogatory mark from her credit report for good. I just need a good sample letter to start, and maybe I can get her off the hook on this one, after all miracles are outhere to happens!! well
  14. This listing shows as "dispute" on the cra...and the ca are not in my credit report, yet!! The only thing I have done was the C&D letter and that's all. the oc are not sueing either, just trying to collect as they stated the will do. I know for sure they will send another monthy stament next month, and I don't know how to handle it from that time on. Now, I know I applied inadequate statutes, my fault!! for that reason, I have to do better the next time. thanks, muneca2,
  15. Well, I understand that the original creditor doesn't care about C&D letter, but in last january I sent it anyway, and they send me a letter where they stated they are not going to contact me anymore but, they will try another ways to get the money as they did. I received three collections agencies letters after that...but I stop them with the C&D letter.!! Now, the oc sent me monthy statements twice, but with different adresses, one from New Jersey and another from somewhere in las vegas. As you see, they just don't give up!! They are aware is timebarred and I told them flat out that