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  1. My brother-in-law is being sued by unifund. He has tried to handle this himself, but looks like he is up for a loosing battle. Unifund never contacted him prior to summons for court, they have submitted a statement as evidence made by them with an address from a piece of vacant property he owned years ago, which he never lived at or much less used on an account. He did owe citibank , but now Unifund is asking for double of the balance due. If anyone knows anything about Unifund, that might be helpful. Plz let me know. I have contacted a lawyer, but would like to get more information. thanks.
  2. I am being sued by a creditor, the papers I was served have request for admissions. my question is, in the request for admissions there are 27 total. Texas rules state that there can be no more than 25 written interrogatories served. Does that apply to admissions only? And does anyone know if I can request for this to be dismissed on those grounds if it does apply?? Also they stat I have 50 days to reply per Texas laws. When in fact it is 30 days by Texas Laws?? Any and every information is appricated. I am trying to fill out this stuff myself and I have no clue what i am doing!!! thanks in a
  3. i don't know if i can say he is not at this address. it is his. i would not want to get him in trouble. can they just leave your papers on the door? i thought you had to be served in person??? thanks
  4. i am taking care of my brohter-in-laws house while he is out of town, and will be for the next 6months. Looks like he as served to go to court for a credit card debt they say is his. papers where just left on front door. i don't know what i can do for him while he is away. plz help???? thanks, cesp74