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  1. Good California resource. I have a few more links with good pleadings for California cases. Expect to locate in the next couple days.
  2. Have you been served with a Dec. in Lieu of Testimony under C.C.P. sec. 98?
  3. How did this case end? I found one that he prevailed on the suit, but awarded zero damages and then jury found complaint was filed for harassment and awarded defendant all their costs and fees. Anybody else have any data on it?
  4. Well, that has happened before too. (guilt by association)
  5. I have no judgment against LizardKing. I have no pending suits against this board or any other board for CROA. I have no suits for CROA. I could sign up with Lex Law just to create one though, I suppose.
  6. Which one? My class action for non-pp or my case against Fry's Electronics? Those are the only two I have going. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.
  7. For the record, Average Joe is NOT They are two TOTALLY different people.
  8. Well, do as you will, I just think it would look great that they squirm even more with the fact that you sent a meet and confer letter requesting their discovery responses. Hopefully, they'll accept your settlement offer, and you'll be done with it, and then you'll be off to fighting for your kids, since you have childsupport judgments on your record...
  9. Send a "meet and confer" letter to them identifying that they are late with their discovery responses and that any and all objections are thereby waived. Ask them to send you complete verified discovery responses without objections within seven days or you'll have to file a motion to compel their responses. Invite them to call you at their earliest convenience if they have any questions.
  10. There is a Consumer Class Action Lawsuit against National Magazine Exchange. The attorneys handling the case are and ask for Investigator Ron Jordan.
  11. CM send me the email too please. Sky - If you need more ideas let me know. I'll see what I can come up with. (I'm no attorney).
  12. Careful, I might just catch that tongue and cut it off.
  13. CM, take 5K, nullification of the debt, an agreement to dismiss with prejudice, and sign the NDA. In reality, TRIAL is expensive and MSJ's are tricky. Costs mount up quickly, and it is always a gamble with the jury. Take the money, put a tick in the win column, and let them wallow in their loss gracefully. Just my two cents....
  14. They have a permissible purpose in connection with the connection of collection of a debt. There are mixed messages on this. Just because the FTC thinks pulling a report or placing a trade-line on there is continued collection, case law is what you need, unless the FTC is going to do enforcement action on your behalf (not likely). What district are you in ?
  15. Sorry for your loss man. That must suck. I know NOTHING about probate law, but maybe one of your instructors could point you in the right direction... Good luck.
  16. But they do have pp to do it in the first place.
  17. Did you file BK? I'm a little confused here.
  18. I sue them both, and let them settle or point fingers...