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  1. Okay, I read all the posts that state to go to the CRAs and say the account is "not mine". Okay, what is the worst that can happen if you do this? If someone has a paid off derogatory account and it is disputed as "not mine", but it is what is the worst thing they will do? Also what if it is deleted (best case scenerio) and they (worst case) they see that it was indeed yours, will they CRA put it back on the account. I'm desperate to clean up my credit because I want to buy a car next year and lock my condo into a locked rate, but know I can't right now with four charge-offs on my account. Currently 1 is paid, 2 should be paid soon, and the final I am going to offer a settlement early next year after taxes come back and bonuses are received, etc.
  2. Is this a 3rd party collector or a JDB? If the CA is a 3rd party, acting on behalf of OC then I am of the opinion that they don't own the account therefore they can not charge the account off, only the owner or OC of the account. This was a third party collector acting for Citi. I assume it was charged off for Citi. I don't think it was sold because it doesn't state it as such. How would I be able to dispute or any good tactics.
  3. I have about 6 derogatory remarks on my credit report. I have never done credit repair at all since I actually screwed my credit last year when i thought it was already screwed (it wasn't I just was uninformed). So long story, real short. I'm getting close for three of my four delinquent accounts to be all paid, plus have to more on the negative side of the report. What would be your game of attack of cleaning up the credit report things below. I just want to get it built up. Also, when would be best to start rebuilding my credit. Right now (besides what is below) I don't use a credit card. I have two, but never ever use them. They have money owed on them, so they are active with payments (which is good right?), but I don't use them for now, only use my debit card. I also have a personal loan and mortgage. Should I add anything to my credit or just wait a bit until I get the items below figured out. I am hoping to buy a car next summer after I get everything paid off, so I would like my credit not too look too bad when I do that. I'm new at this and hope to never go through it after this stint in my life, so your advice would be appreciated. FYI: Derogatory Accounts: 1. $$ is settled, marked as "payment after chargeoff. First missed payment/problem started March(about) 2004. Account closed in may 2004. Settled July 2005. 2. $$ will be paid with CA this month. Didn't settle, but have been making payments. First missed payment/problem started March(about) 2004. Account closed in may 2004. Paid off in October 2005. In collections (status on CR). 3. Still owe a lot, saving money, will offer settlement in Spring 2006. Account is marked as charge off. 4. Offered settlement this money. On CR status is "charge off for bad debt." Asked for status to change to "paid as agreed." 5. Just missed one 30 day payment last year. 6. 60 or 90 late in 9/1999. Should come off next year, so not worrying about.
  4. For the past year, I have had monthly payments with a CA to resolve a debt with Citibank. I have made every account on time and this is the last month. 2 issues. The first is that I only have $50 left to pay and they haven't cashed the check yet. Usually it is around the 20th, but that is the minor question. The second question is that I want to send them a letter. I want to first ask why the payment hasn't posted yet to completely resolve this matter. Then I want to propose what I want to be the TL on the CR. On another account that I settled with this same CA in July they marked it as "payment after chargeoff/collection". That was with a settlement offer and I have another post for that question. But with this account the full amount will be paid and so I want to know what it should to not look too derogatory on my CR. What would you suggested. I don't think I can PFD because it's already paid, but what do you think would be best so I can start rebuilding my credit. Do these questions make sense? Thanks.
  5. I have an account that went to collections and after some measly payments, I made a settlement for a large amount and paid it off. I don't have all the documents in front of me as I write this too you, but I think I requested it to be noted and "paid in full." I think they came back to my offer and offer aslightly higher payment (which I accepted) and the note "settled in full." I think that was the phrase they used, I have the letter at home. Now on my credit report it reads, "Payment After Charge Off/Collection". Obviously, it is what occurred, but it's not what I want the credit report to read. Please advise me to the steps I need to do to start credit repair. Is it too soon, if the account was just settled in July/August? I am sure it will be fresh on the CAs mind, but I've never done credit repair, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. I broke up my posts because the information was slightly different and didn't want to over do the posts. Maybe I already did. I was looking at my experian report and had some questions about disputes. 1. There is a credit card from 1999 on it. I might have opened it, I don't remember it. There is a card opened from the same institute on the same month as this one. The other card is closed and in good standing. This card was closed but with negative information: It just says it is 30 days past due. Should I dispute it, or just let it fall over next summer (2006)? I just don't remember this card, but it's one negative item out of 7 that I would like to get rid of. However, 2 of these 7 I am just going to have to live with (one comes off in March of next year and the other I might talk to my CC company in 6 months to clear the 30 days late comment. The remaining four are on my other post. (Sorry that was longer than anticipated). 2. I have 13 accounts in good standing. Of the 13, 10 are closed. Does it matter that I have 10 closed accounts? Is it better to keep them on or to removed them? I am thinking keep on, but just wanted confirmation. 3. Reviewing credit inquiries - there are 2 categories (viewed by others) and (view only by me). The (viewed by others) category, I recognize all those inquiries which were done all in 2003 and 2004 (none in 2005). In the second category, there are 35 inquiries (some with multiple), do I need to be concerned about all these inquiries. There are probably 15 of the 2004 (I don't care about the 2003) inquiries that I don't recognize. Should I dispute them? Do they have an impact on my report? 4. Finally. Being single, having attended college, I have moved a lot in the past 10 years. Including the 2 homes my parents have had, I have lived in 13 places. On my report, there are 29 entries. 12 of these are correct and 1 is slightly incorrect (missing a "north" in the address). The remaining 16 entries are incorrect somehow. The addresses are almost right, but not exactly. Should I remove all the incorrect addresses. 5. Also in my personal information, I noticed that I have 5 variations of my name (first middle last/first last/first m last/last first/first f last). The fifth variation is my first name, my first initial and my last name. I think I should have this removed because it is in no way my name. What about the name that is (last first), this is my name backwards, should it be removed. 6. Also, my parent's phone number is listed. I would prefer not to have their number on my report Just so they don't get unnecessary phone calls. Plus that number has never been in my name. Is it okay to remove their number? That's a lot of questions. I just want this report to look better so I can buy a car next year and have more freedom if I want to get something big. Thanks in advance.
  7. I pulled my experian credit report today. I haven't done this before and have some questions. First, I need to summarize my history. Through some financial setbacks last year, four of my accounts were affected. I didn't try to get away from paying them, but took time off which ended in one charge off and three collections. The Collections: The three collections, I have an arrangement with monthly payments and (A) will be paid off by October of this year, ( by March of next year and © by May of next year. However, I'm about to start a new job and I will be able to pay off the remaining balance for (A) by June or July and for ( & © in November or December of this year. My questions, what is the best way to approach the CA with these payments to have the statement on my credit report be as positive as possible. Will it have to say that it went to collections? Is there was to remove that aspect? Can I get them to state..."paid as agreed" in the comments. I just want it to be as soft of a deliquent account as I can legally do. I am excited to finally have these large debts taken care of but I want some sort of positive remark to remark. Second, on account ©, I have not missed a payment for the past year, when the payment plan/agreement was implemented, yet two months ago on my credit report it states that there was a payment 30 days late. I have proof that it was indeed paid as agreed. So I know I can dispute this aspect of the account. Does this discrepancy help my case? Now for the charge off - In February of 2004, in the midst of my financial problems, one account got charged off. I am still planning on paying it, but I am saving money on the side, because I tried to work out a payment plan with them and they wouldn't except it. It's higher than the other accounts ($6.3K at charge off and now up to $7.5K). They have offered settlements, but I still didn't have the money. I am planning on saving and then offering them the full payment. What suggestions would you have for this action I am opting to take? Is is unwise? I am aways off with them (about 15 months aside from accomplishing anything) but is there a suggestion on what the OC could do with my credit report report. Thanks in advance. I'm am more concerned about the first question with the collections because that is closer in the future than the second.
  8. Thanks for the advice. I will continue with the payments I have been making. From what I gather, I understand that I if I continue to cooperate, then they won't have anything to hold up if they take me to court which I don't think they will. They just want to get me taken care of and not have to wait for all my payments to come through. I will send a copy of the two previous letters, as suggested, along with my October payment and then demand a statement of all my payments. I have record of these, but I will still demand their statement. If I am cooperating and doing all that I can, what more can they ask for. Plus the amount I owe is not that outrageous. $1200 of $2900 is good. Thanks.
  9. So I should just carry on as I was doing? Do I need to state anything in a letter?
  10. At the end of August I sent a letter and payment to a collection agency, stating my terms on paying off the amount. When they received it the account, I owed close to $3K which I cooperated in paying $1600. But after that I couldn't pay any more large sums. In August I owed $1300. I sent them a letter, signifying what I had paid previously and my cooperation in paying. I said that I would pay $75, which is honestly all I can afford right now, with all my other bills. (They wiped my savings with the amount I paid before). I said I would make the payment each month by a certain date and sent the payment which they cashed. Then last month, I sent a second letter with my payment. I sent the payment as I agreed and added the note "Upon cashing this check, you continue to agree to the notice I sent on 8/30/2004 for this payment plan. Thank you." They cashed this check on 10/1/2004. Today, I received a notice which was written on 10/4/2004 (so after they cashed the second check), stating that I owe $125 as agreed by the 17th of the month or I am in default. I owe $1250 about now. I can't afford the amount difference, because I am already scraping by with food and stuff and I can't pay it on that date (alot of bills are due then). Because I said on cashing this check you agree to the payment, does that bind anything? Can I continue with what I agreed? I don't know what do to. Thanks.
  11. Please give me feedback. I am really asking because I don't know where I should go with this and would like advice. I know I ask a lot of questions, but aren't that what forums are for? any advice is appreciated.
  12. I have account with AMEX. I entered into a debt settlement program in March 2004 and now (because they haven't done anything) am doing it myself. Regardless, I have a negligent account that has not been paid since then with american express. About 2 months ago (beginning of August) it got sent to a CA. I tried to offer a payment plan and they refused and demanded the full amount, which I cannot afford right now. I offered a reasonable plan and I can afford it right now, if I am tight. Here's the question: I hadn't received anything in writing at all from the CA until last weekend. They sent a notice claiming that I failed to do what was agreed upon by the CA and now further collection actions will take place. At the time they sent that letter, I sent a DV and limited C&D letter, stating to validate my debt. I am not refusing to pay, but I wanted to be sure they have the rights to collect my debt. I haven't heard anything as of yet from them concerning that. However, this morning I got a message on my phone that was AMEX stating that the account was back in their office. (this person on the message was more pleasant than the other's that I have talked to). First do you think they have the account back, would they take it back after assigning it to a CA. Or, if it part of the DV process for them to call me. Also, I was wondering, should I just talk to the OC and tell me my situation? Should I talk to this person at AMEX? What should I tell them? Or should I wait for the DV to complete? I figure if I talk I will sound like I am cooperating. Please advice me on what to do. I want to know soon so time doesn't lapse too much. thanks.
  13. Again, how do I know if the account has been charged off or sold or both?
  14. How do I know if my account has been charged off? It would be nice to know who owns the debt so I know who i have negoiating power with. If they sold it, I can still work with AMEX, right? Or, with the CA the debt may stay where it's at right? Thanks for the information on the credit repair link. I need to read it all but I think I will send a letter to the CA and start the validation process. They still haven't sent anything in writing since they started calling a month ago. Isn't that a violation.
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