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  1. I applied for my cards on august 20. Patelco will not send cards until all information is send in. I also call every two days to see when the cards was to be sent out. lamar
  2. I want everbody to know that I just receive my credit cards from patelco credit union. lamar
  3. I am new to this forum. I have learn alot by reading all of your posted notes. Check this out. I join patelco about a week ago. I was approve for 10,000.00 visa and 5,000.00 mc. This is not a loan. I called patelco and the 24.00 amount is only for if you have a balance on your card. That is the min. payment you have to send in. No balance No payment. I am self employ. for three years. I trade stocks for myself. Also, i took out a car loan with atlanta postal credit union today. 60 months @3.95 interest rate.