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  1. Although there are no more negatives on my scores ( collections, etc...) I unfortunately hit tough times in the past 2 years and made the mistake of charging up almost of my AC on CC. My ratio is terrible. I made one mistake by accidentally underpaying a major CC one month (by $6!) and didn't notice until I got a notice that it triggered the default rate. When I contacted the company they were no help whatsoever so I closed the account. Maybe not the best move, but it carried a huge balance and getting the rate increased by 10%, it will take me eons to pay off. Either because of that, my ratios overall, or because of the general state of the industry increasing rates left an right, I am getting rate increases from all my CC companies. What is worse, closing the accounts and further damaging my ratio scores, or allowing them to stay open and incur interest charges that will extend my time frame for paying them off even more?
  2. After disputing a collection, which would be better to have it removed from CRA? It is a small debt to the phone company with DLOA 2002 and currently with a CA. I could send a settlement letter (to CA or OC??) asking for it to be removed from CRA, but if they don't agree, and I proceed to DV, then they would have my letter as admission that I owe the debt. Of course it sounds logical to start out DV but I really don't want to make any more work for myself (i.e. subsequent steps up to ITS) than I have to if the settlement letter will work. Any thoughts?
  3. Another silly question, but one others may be wondering.... Should you use DV for anything Derog, even if you know the info. is correct, just in case the DV process goes in your favor? Or could it possibley be a big ol' waste of time which would better be used trying to go ahead with Settlement Offers, etc... Opinions please?
  4. Oh, yeah, I'm thinking of how long negative items stay on the CR. Isn't it 7 years from the DOLA? Someone mentioned it can remain on for an extra 180 days? Or am I confusing that with something else?
  5. Somewhere (can't find post) it was mentioned that the SOL for negative items was actually 7 years plus 180 days. Can U give more of an explanation on this? Waste of time to dispute if after 7 years but less than the extra 180 days?
  6. Wow, thanks for the detailed advice! Much appreciated.
  7. I'm sending a settlement letter to OC (cable company). Acct. is currently with CA. How do I word my letter asking the collection be deleted, and do I need to specifically ask them to make CA delete the account? Can either delete the account or does CA have to do it?
  8. DH has a high-interest student loan from IT that he got several years ago with bad credit. Now his credit is pretty good and we're trying to reduce our debt load. The balance is around $4,500. Since it's not a subsidized or federally guaranteed SL (it's a private lender), are there any refinancing options available? Any ideas on getting this into a lower interest situation? I think the rate is like 12-14% J
  9. I'm confused about an EX CR. Instead of DOLA, the dates are labeled: Reported Since, Date of Status, and Last Reported. I'm assuming it's confusing on purpose. My CO has a Reported Since and Date of Status of 1999, and Last Reported of 2000. I know for a fact my last activity was in 1997. The CC CO'd roughly 1/2 the debt in 1999 and said the other half was past due as of 2000. So going by the 7 year rule, this Derog should have already fallen off. If they don't show the CO until 1999, and the other half past due as of 2000, what can I do??? BTW, this CO doesn't show up on other CR. Thanks
  10. Thanks Doc!!! All the old CC accounts were in good standing. I just thought having too much open credit lines, even if good, will prevent me from getting newer, lower interest CC with higher limits. ??? Also, do I just write "obsolete" on the dispute forms or write out a letter? Is one more or less effective than the other? F
  11. I have two CO, one that was sold to a CA and the other still under OC. Both are just over 7 years old according to "date of last activity." How do I remove these? Do I dispute them as "Not Mine" or what wording do I use under "Other."? I have several old CC with $0 balance whose last activity was many years ago. Will closing the accounts remove them and is this good or bad? Sorry if these ??s are naive--I'm new to all this. F
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