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  1. Hello: I am trying to form either an S corporation or LLC; can anyone know which one provides better credit worthiness? I do not want the company credit cards or loans to appear on my personal credit. Michael
  2. Hello All: I leased a Mercedes 2 years ago under joint account with my wife. After 2 years, I sold it to same company dealer and paid off my lease. I had always been on time; never any late payment. Today I check my TransUnion credit and my wife's credit. The only thing changed since my last pull a week ago, is this lease complete. My score dropped by 42 points; my wife's score dropped by 45 points. I have 22 active accounts; my wife has 8 active accounts. Never late on any account. In fact, the only change between last week pull and today is this end of lease; it was for 33 months b
  3. Student Loans, Subsidized or not, through Direct Loan or any other entity, are not included in BK. They are like the money you owe to IRS; you can not get rid of it. Before, many doctors used to file BK as soon as they are out of med School; owing $100K or $200K; and for sure many lenders would give them credit immediately once they know they are medical doctors; not anymore. Manucci
  4. This is the Federal Reserve Complaint Page; Don't just sit on your butt, we can get Advanta to stop forcing Bankruptcy upon small business, but we have to be united. File complaints now. If anyone has more links to Senators, Congressman, or AG's, please write it here.
  5. willingtocope is right; Vantage and Fico are not the same; my Fico is above average close to 700, yet my Vantage is in 620 D; it is weired; there is not even a single late or negative point on my record; Vantage sucks.
  6. I just pulled my Transunion Vantage Score; it was 691 above average in their old scoring system; now suddenly dropped to 620 D with Vantage scoring; no late, no collection; no negative thing; just a lot of debt; They can't explain it; why from above average it dripped to way way below. Does anybody know?
  7. Hello: I have a small business and been pouring money into it to build it up. Recently I noticed my Advanta credit card increased my interest rate from 9.9% to 34.99%. I contacted them, and they said it was a management decision because I owe so much on my credit card. I have used 90% of my limit. I have many credit card and have used them to build my business, but I do not even have a single late payment or any bad thing on my credit reports. No late payment to Advanta or any other creditor. I am paying them as usual. My scores are in 710/700/700. My credit report is 30 pages, and not a sing
  8. Thank you All; I knew I can count on you to guide me in the right direction. Manucci
  9. Hello All: I received a letter from CC and notofication to arbitrate using NAF on 12/28/2005. THE SOL will expire on 4/15/2006 (in 83 days). I am sending a refusal to arbitration letter tomorrow. My question is: Assuming they go ahead and get arbitation in their favor before SOL expiration, can I argue that the SOL is expired when they take it to court? Assuming court date will be a few months after arbitration. Or will they argue that arbitration was conducted before SOL? Who will have the law on his side? Regards, Manucci
  10. Hello All: Actually the OC must state that the balance is $0 once it sells the debt to a CA, otherwise, you will have a debt to OC and one to CA. However, the debt to OC becomes less important and the debt to CA will cause your credit rating to drop. Go chase after the CA. egards, Manucci
  11. Hello: I wanted to sue a CA in small claims court today. Unfortunately, small claims court in California requires the other party to have a physical presece or an agent within the state boundries. I checked with secretary of State site and they are not licensed in California, nor have an agent. They do have a lawyer by the name of Curtis Barnes who sues on their behalf. Does anyone know how I can sue them or find their agent? Regards, Manucci
  12. Hello: I am an auto insurance manager, and i think I may have a few words about your rates. Checking your credit by insurance companies is just a small part of the overall criteria in calculating your premium. Just because your sister or mom have a better credit rating, does not necessarily mean they will pay less or more. Here are a few important factors in determining your premium: --Your home zip code is one of the important factors. -- How many years have your been licensed in US? -- How many minor violations (speeding, fail to yield)? They stay in your record for 3 years. -- How many
  13. Hello: I had a similar situation; I disputed Amex charge off with EX, and the charge off date changed to current month; it is not the OC, but EX that does that. No matter what, you are lucky to come to this situation. Here is why. 1. Copy the complete CITI's TL before and after change of Charge off date. 2. Fill out a Small Claim court form, do not sign it. 3. Send it, registered with proof of delivery, to CITI; 4. Demand they delete it, and pay you $1,000 for breaking the law. Don't bend over; don't negotiate; don't be nice to them. Let them know that you are serious, and you will bit
  14. Hello: I am puzzled as, what is Split File? How would a CRA creates a Split File? What happens to positive and negative TL in Split Files? Is that good or bad for consumer? Does it effect the credit rating, or scores? Do all CRA's create Split Files? How can I get the full info about Split File? Sincerely, Manucci
  15. Not to worry, just go and buy something with their card. and let them bill you, and just pay the bill as usual. They will report it again to all CRA as before. Manucci