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  1. Hi Johnransom My husband and i fell into the same debt sttlment trap. The company claimed the same things they did with you about "relationships", 40% settlements, blah blah blah. They even said that this route would look better on my CR than a BK. Well, 2 1/2 years later, my CR is completely trashed and what's more... i paid a LOT more than you did up front. Sheer stupidity! I'm willing to admit that we fell prey to their sales tactics because we were desperate for relief, so hopefully someone else can learn from our mistake. For anyone whose reading this post - STAY AWAY from debt sett
  2. I've done so much reading here in the last few days, i've lost track of it all... I already KNOW that RJM purchased my 2 CC accts from B1 (I called the OC and was told this). I am about ready to offer a settlement, but I don't have a DV letter and I am wanting to find out how much the CA paid for these accounts. The SCARY thing is they've STOPPED contacting me at all in the last 6 months, so I'm afraid of what they're up to. Anyway, what step am I in at this point? I want to settle ASAP - before they issue a judgement - didn't i see a 2 step letter that accomplishes DV along with stating
  3. I confessed to getting suckered into a Debt Settlement firm "National Debt Network" - this was 3 years ago and my CR is officially HOSED! All sorts of charge offs showing and the 2 small settlements they negotiated for me don't even show as settled on my CR. ANYWAY - Doc suggested i sue them. Has ANYONE had any experience with this sort of suit? Anyone who has dealt with NDN or other settlement firms, please share!
  4. Sue NDN (the settlement negotiators)? hmmmm, that's food for thought, but meanwhile, a bit of detail: OC on 2 major CC's was B1. They SOLD it to RJM (yes, i verified with the OC). So, of the $20K sold, RJM probably only paid about $3 - $5K, right? Also i owe Sears about $6k. I've had no contact from either of these for almost a year. I'm thinking this is ominous, they might be preparing to go to court, or they've sold it off to yet another CA. Should I go ahead and try to settle with RJM and Sears at this point, or what? What should my next step be? I thought about BK because I'm con
  5. Long story short (maybe)... over 20+ years of marriage, we accumulated over $35K in unsec debt and in despair went to a 3rd party settlement co ( i know now!) Anyway, after 36 months, they've settled 2 of my smaller accts with CA's (not the OC's!) and i still have over $27K out. Two concerns: 1- my CR is definitely hosed, shows several CO's, so do i have anything to lose if i go with BK(13) at this point? and 2 - How to deal with these two "settled" accounts? I have letters from the CA's but not the OC's. This was before i knew of this website and all about DV's. Anybody been here and w