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  1. cookiemonster says" >>> You then charged enough that you now can't keep up the payments. Excuse me, But I shopped for zero percent cards to put my balances onto, away from higher interest cards. But If you consider my charging gas on a new card, well then. >>>>When the bk hits your reports, will you then put another fraud alert on your reports and say someone stole your ID and filed BK in order to get around the accurate reporting? Never put a fraud alert on my CRA >>>> Did you at least have a job when you applied??? Yes I do.
  2. Thats what I have Heard Jeep, some people make it through the BK and some people don't. Others have said use it only as a last resort. Of course that last resort is still months and months away and the zero percent offers covered everythingand help to knock those balances down quicker. WIll let you know what happens if choose to cosult an attorney this week or the next. Thanks for offering assistance.
  3. I spoke to an Experian rep named "Leon" who asked that I overnight the information to him at Experian, 701 Experian Parkway, Allen, TX 75013, to the attention of "Miss Beal - Leon." I'll let you know what type of results I get. Two months later and never let us know? what gives?
  4. Hi there. Quickly, I have $40K in CC debt, still good scores 700+. Married House is in Wifes name who also pays mortgage and has Excellent credit and good paying job/ professional career. We have tried to keep going with paymesnt, although they are all 0% it just isn't cutting it. If I declare BK in Feb-March and we go looking for another bigger house to buy in 1.5 years, what kind of situation would we be in? I will most likely be working ft as a teacher and continue establishing my credit through student loan payment and CC's I will have. If I maintain excellent credit pro-Bk and we lets say still put 20-30% down on a house, would it be too hard in getting a decent Mortgage?
  5. If you had to put these card into BK, which ones would you do or not do? YOu see, I figured Iwould put my balances onto cards that I will BK, and zero out ones not to BK. I realize most will close me anyway once they get wind of a BK, but looking for after the fatc, in the years to come.
  6. So what happens when you do a BK? you stop paying 3 months before you file and get hit with several accounts reporting you 60 or 90 days late. Then once you file they are notified within days and the creditors do what in regards to reporting you? do they stop reporting you as late? Going into a BK what can someone do to minimize its effect? How should one set themselves up to make the system benefit them as much as possible? Have I read that some people change addresses to get the BK deleted off the reports (in regards to public notices)
  7. Thanks Lady, your reputation seems good on here! Also, if you declare BK on one card and they own two other cards of yours, I would assume they would close them. I look forward to responses from everyone. Thanks!
  8. thats where I got it from. My question is, do they pull new reports for each card those guys get? I thought MBNA pulls from 1 sometimes 2 CRA's when you initially apply.
  9. Now I hear the MBNA has a progrma, card called th HGW1 (discount code) that offers 10% back up to a certain amount per month. therefore they get 3-4 cards so they can use it to it's potential. have you heard of it?
  10. so how is MBNA? I have heard they are "tough" and process manually and usually bug you to fax in paperwork sometimes and that they PUL 2 reports?? any thoughts there? Sorry about the lates. I was glad Cap 1 removed my two lates, WHEW. I can't wait to see if they have much of an effect on score, not that I need to worry too much, but the more points the merrier.
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