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  1. I've heard some people say that some bureaus will not report a score if anything on the report is being disputed/investigated. But all his disputes were finished the end of April so I really have no idea why they wouldn't report a score. His EQ report had seven listed accounts but no score.
  2. I came here looking to repair DH's credit with a specific goal of getting a mortgage approval. Hubby's scores have went from 528, 551 and 581 to 528 (d@mn EQ, actually reported no score), 619 and 649. We got our loan approval yesterday and we will be going to closing in about ten days!!! Thank you everyone for all the help.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but if the bill is in dispute can't you just put the money owed into escrow? That way the finance company doesn't have to worry about the bill not being paid and you don't have to pay the actual creditor until whatever issues are resolved. After the seven years+180 days are up the debt must come off and then you can close out the escrow account. That way the bank is satisfied that the funds are availible to stave off any liens and you are allowed the proper time to resolve the debt to your satifaction. I would ask whoever is refinancing your home if an escrow would satisfy them. If they will, you will have the upper hand again. Then you either wait it out or negotiate a more satifactory deal without the pressure of needing to pay in order to get your refi.
  4. I've been going round and round with these people. They haven't reported the debt.... yet which is what I'm trying to stop. Here's the letter I'm going to send them today: To whom it may concern, As indicated in my last letter, I requested validation of the above referenced debt. The bill sent does not indicate anything other than someone by this name may owe money for a medical service. I see absolutely no indication that that someone is me. Furthermore, I see no proof that I ever actually received the services claimed nor any proof that I ever agreed to pay for said services. Until such time as I receive validation that this debt is in fact mine, that I received these services and agreed to pay for the services I expect all collection activities to cease. This includes further collection letters without proof of debt, phone calls or trade lines entered on my credit report. Any of the previously mentioned collection activities will constitute a violation of The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act section 809 subsection (. I will not hesitate to seek all legal remedies afforded to me for any willful violations you engage in. Again, thank you for your time in this matter, Corrine
  5. I'm trying to get a CA to validate a debt but all they keep sending me is a bill with my name on it. Can I request that they send me a copy of any paperwork I signed agreeing to pay the bill or at least verification that I actually received the services I am now being billed for? The only thing on the bill even indicated the debt is mine is the name. Sorry, but I know two other people with the exact same name.
  6. Corrine

    Eliminate PMI

    Bad news. The underwriter denied our loan. They insisted my husband made more money than we claimed. Anyway, our LO from that bank told me I should apply with another bank immediately. Did that on Tuesday. The LO from the first bank actually handed over my entire file to this new bank (so I didn't have to go through with copying all my records again) and they accepted the appraisal that was done last month. The woman called Tueday afternoon and said she was sending it out to the underwriter that day. Here's the thing I screwed up on. I plan on putting down 16% on the house as it is currently designed but I also have an estimate for two additional bedrooms that are going to be built as soon as the house is completed. The reason why I'm doing it this way is because I was afraid to do the two additional rooms immediately because the loan amount might have been too high for us to qualify for. But we will have the money by July to pay for these two rooms out of pocket. Now, this is the thing. The bank has already said (assuming we get approved) that our first payment will not be until approximately February (all interest before that). My two options are stop everything and get a new house appraisal around the end of next month and then put down the total 20% or continue as is and get the house re-appraised before February. With our past credit problems I'm trying to show the bank we can more than handle this responsibility and looking to not pay PMI if possible.
  7. Corrine


    The underwriter is the one who actually approves your loan.
  8. I did get the head of payroll to fax a letter explaining how his overtime hours are now calculated and what his real estimated earnings should be. I just wasn't sure if that would be enough.
  9. My LO called yesterday and said there's a problem with the underwriter. We are elligible for a first time home buyer program, met all the requirements (have children, first home, have funds for downpayment, etc) but there's an income limit. We didn't qualify for low income with the dirt cheap interest rate but we did meet the medium income limit with a rate of 5.50%. The underwriter had to verify hubby's income and estimate his future earnings for the next year. Problem is, he just got a promotion. He gets paid every two weeks so his checks always have 80 hours straight pay and an average of 110 overtime hours at time and a half but he wouldn't get paid while he's home. Now he is salary, get's paid while he's home. The problem is that his base pay per hour doubled. He still gets OT but not at time and a half. His company calls it a Chinese pay scale (the more OT hours you work the less you make per hour). The underwriter just took his new pay and estimated he would continue working the same hours but that all his OT hours would be at time and a half. They estimated he got about a $25k raise!!! In actuality his raise will be about $8k. I explained the pay scale to the LO and even showed her old pay stubs versus new pay stubs so she could see he no longer makes time and half on OT. I also called the head of payroll to see if she would fax a statement about the pay scale, his estimated earnings and an average income of other employees in the same position he currently holds. The problem is we will get bumped out of the program if they don't revise his income which will force us to take a loan at a higher interest rate. My LO is going down today to personally speak with the underwriter about the error. Is this sort of thing common and will the underwriter consider recalculated his income?
  10. What is UCC and does it conflict with individual state SOL's?
  11. Okay, here's the deal. Applied for the loan a few weeks ago. I was surprised to see our credit scores went up quite a bit. All our scores ranged between 620 and 670 with the exception of hubby's EX which was 528 (don't ask because I have no clue; the bank marked that score as NA). Our scores aren't the best but they have went up and we have no outstanding debts with a timely payment history on all bills for over a year now. Our income is $58k a year and we are building a house of total cost at $140k (the appraisal came out higher). We bought the land last year for $10k and we will be putting another $10k down, plus pay our own closing. My LO called Friday and said it was sent to the underwriter so I guess we'll get the news this week. I'm a little worried because they asked for our bank statements again. When I originally went in I had $18k in our savings (which is all for the house) but I gave them a new statement that only shows $17k. I'm afraid they will see the dip and not realize the money taken out was for the house. I paid the sewer tap on fee, appraisal and a downpayment for my appliances (I didn't include them in the loan and they are $5k). If they have concerns about our banking activity will they ask us first or will they just deny the loan? I told the LO about paying for these things but I don't think she would relay that information. Am I just being paranoid?
  12. Are you serious? Because I would do it.
  13. Hubby and I have been doing credit repair the past few months and applied for a house loan (it's with the underwriter right now so crossing fingers we get approved). Since we started our credit repair we have suddenly started hearing from ancient creditors of the past. I got a letter about a doctor bill from 2000. I did send the debt validation letter with these requests: Please provide me with the following information: • What the money you say I owe is for; • Explain and show me how you calculated what you say I owe; • Provide me with copies of any papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe; • Identify the original creditor; • Prove the Statute of Limitations has not expired on this account • Show me that you are licensed to collect in my state • Provide me with your license numbers and Registered Agent They sent this response: Per your letter received today. Enclosed is a copy of your bill, which was referred to our office, providing the information you requested. No license is required in the state of PA. If you have any questions or if you need additional information, please contact our office. They didn't show proof that the debt was within the SOL for collecting and all they sent me was a bill. What type of follow-up letter should I write? And can anyone tell me what the SOL is for a medical bill in PA? I've looked at the chart and have found that SOL's are 4 or 6 years, depending on the type of account, but I can't figure out what a medical bill is.
  14. That's what I got confused about. If he accepted an offer to settle then SOL shouldn't even be a factor. You can't collect on a paid debt. Or are they talking about restarting the seven year reporting clock? I was under the assumption that the seven year reported always stayed at the DOLA.
  15. If this is a scam, I wonder what debt they think I have. I've never had a CC. I've only had two car loans, one paid off and the other will be paid off in June. I had a furniture loan but that's paid off too. My credit report only shows these three items. I've never been delinquent on anything. I think if they call again today I will just ask them why I would want a CC from a collection agency.