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  1. Hey everyone, well I was just discharged about 3 weeks ago and I got a car loan from Americredit via Carmax...I am pretty psyched about that! I was also approved through straightaway but I went with Carmax instead. Anyway, I could really use a personal loan of about 3k- I need a new computer for work and I am moving into a new apartment this week so money is tight. I make good money but the move plus my 500 down on the car(insurance etc) has made things a bit tough. Would I have any chance getting a personal loan, perhaps from a credit union? My FAKO's as of a few days ago are: EQ: 563 EX: 57
  2. Yes I agreed to post date a check. Now we will see if this guy will pay up or "kick my a$$" as he says. Its not worth 600 bucks to get arrested beating him up so I will need to play it smart.
  3. Well the guy agreed to give me the 600 but he was threatening me the whole time and telling me he should kick my a$$ and blah blah blah. This guy is like 58 and out of shape. Pretty sad him acting like a tough guy.
  4. There is no lease but even so in Florida they legally have to give me more than two friggin days notice. They can either pay me the 600 back or go through the courts. Since they want to go through with the sale of the condo asap I will bet they pay up. Why should I take 100 bucks for this massive inconvenience?!
  5. Wait a sec here, screw this, I am demanding my last months rent or they can take me to court! I talked to a lawyer, this owner is an idiot.
  6. I make 33k a year so I can afford 800 or so max. My current rent was 600. I just spoke with a woman who owns a condo she wants to rent, 750 a month and she wants 500 deposit and last months as well, she said she would allow me to do the post date check for the other 750 (thanks for the tip on that!). So I would need to come up with 1250 to move in then pay the other 750 the following month(plus that months rent). So money would be tight for a month but at least I would have a place. I am going to check it out, seems worth a look. This is all VERY stressful! I should go to grade schools and do
  7. Scratch that, now they say I have to be out by TOMORROW NIGHT! Ridiculous!! I live in Florida. This is seriously stressful!!!
  8. Yeah this situation is really dire. I just started a new job this week, my car broke last weekend so I am borrowing a car and now I have 2 days to move out. I feel like the rug has been pulled out from under me. On top of all this I dont get my first check until the 15th of next month. I don't know what to do. I can stay with my friend until I get paid but will I be able to find an apartment then?? I have been scouring craigslist and the like in hopes of finding something.
  9. Well I have to be out by saturday night so I tried to take over a lease from someone, it was denied even with an extra deposit. So now I have no choice but to put my stuff in storage and stay with a friend until I can find someone to rent to me. Having bad credit has made my life a living nightmare. I cannot get a car loan, cannot rent an apartment etc. I have a good job but I really don't have tons of money to offer for double deposits and so forth anyway. My mom filed bk and bought a house shortly after, but I cannot even rent an apartment. How would I go about finding a private rental, jus
  10. Here is my situation: I have been renting a condo from my friend for the past year(he is not the owner) but let me live here when he moved out. Now, the condo has sold and I got notice today out of the blue that I need to move asap- since there is no lease they are not even giving me 30 days so I am freaking. Now, I recently (December) filed BK and am awaiting my discharge. It already shows on my report and my FAKO scores are 540-570. I need to rent a new place ASAP, what should I do? Will a regular apartment complex rent to me? I can have my friend vouch for me and provide a reference as far
  11. Hey everyone, I have a question regarding a friend's situation with Chase. He is trying to clean up his credit and decided to pay off his Chase card which has been unpaid for 4 months or so. He calls them up and agree's to a settlement without realizing what that is, so he sends them 95% of what he owes, then I explain to him the settlement will hurt his credit. So he calls them back and says he doesnt want to settle. They say fine and say he can make payments on the other 500 he owes. My question is, if he does this, will it show paid R1 when he is done paying it off? It seems like his best
  12. That might be it. Of course, these forums are invaluable compared to any book.
  13. I am awaiting my discharge notice and am looking into getting a car sometime in the next few months. The car I want is around 20-25k used(for a 2003-4). What kind of rates should I expect so I can figure my monthly payments? I will be able to join a local credit union if that would help. Right now my FAKO scores are around 570 since the BK just started being listed but that is better than the 514 I had prior! From what I have read on here many people get nailed with high rates then refinance a year after making steady payments, is this correct?
  14. I remember reading about a must read book for when you get through with your discharge but I cannot remembr what it was. It was recommended by someone on the forum as a great book on repairing your credit after you file..do any of you know the book or could you recommend one? I am waiting for my discharge but want to get going on the knowledge to get things cleaned up.
  15. I filed ch7 before the deadline and have my 341 meeting in December. Well I don't have a car and need one. I found a buy here pay here place that will sell me a car for 650 down and I can make payments. Well, I am concerned because I didn't list a car in my bk paperwork because I didn't have a car at the time, however I REALLY need to get one asap. Do buy here pay here places even report credit? FL has only 2 grand as an exception for ch7 on cars and the car I am looking at is 3500. What should I do?