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  1. Thanks for the comments. I think I will consult with an attorney to see what they said. On another note, I apologize for putting 1 big paragraph. I realize that it can be quite difficult to read. Again, thanks for the comments.
  2. Here is my situation. What is my next step? Back on September 15, 2005, I received a letter from Palisades about an ATT account for $351.64. I sent a DV to Palisades on October 28, 2005 (TL was not on my credit report). In the meantime, while waiting on response, I received another collection letter on November 3, 2005 attempting to collect. On November 7, 2005, I received a letter from Palisades stating they received my request for validation and I should hear something within 90 days. Didn't receive anything else from them during 2006. Then on January 24, 2007, I received another letter from them again attempting to collect on the account. So I sent another letter to Palisades on Feburary 2, 2007 reminding them of the DV letter I sent on October 28, 2005. In my 2nd letter I stated this information and still requested another DV. By this time, I noticed that the TLs had been added to my TU and Experian reports. I didn't hear anything back from them so on March 14, 2007, I sent another letter requesting that it be removed because of their violations. I sent another letter on April 5, 2007 stating the same things. I informed them that I had reported them to the FTC, BBB, Texas Attorney General, New Jersey Attorney General and the Pennsylvania Attorney General. Again asking them to remove the TL. I received a letter from Pennsylvania AG office with letter from Palisades with old bills of the account. Now fast forward to today (July 17, 2008) and I have checked my CRs and the TL is on Equifax (CSC) and Experian. Now that you have all the background? What do I do now? How do I proceed. Any comments are welcomed.
  3. Thanks for the information. So basically you are telling me that this is a pretty good loan.
  4. House Price: 172,000 100% Financing (no second) Mortgage Ins .59% Interest Rate: 6.875% Credit Score: 620 Mid Closing Costs: 10,124.21 (3 months Hazard Ins and 3 months taxes) Been on Job: 6 years 30 Fixed Conventional Loan Prime loan Lender requirements: 1. Must escrow (I would prefer not to escrow) Does anyone know if I would be able to get a better loan? Or one where I would not be required to escrow?
  5. I have dealt with them before. They are pretty persistant, but they backed down and deleted the collection off my report after I threatened to sue them. I kept very good records when communicating with them. They are huge FCRA violators. Send DVs and fight with them.
  6. Thanks. That really helps. I guess I will ask for a CLI, then.
  7. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if Macy's report credit limits. I had a Foley's account and they did not report credit limits, which really sucks. But now that they are Macy's, I was wondering if they (Macy's) will report the credit limit to help with utilization.
  8. My DH has Crap 1 account reporting on all 3 CRAs. I disputed the account and these are the results. BEFORE DISPUTE: Crap 1 Date Opened: 08/2000 Reported Since: 08/2000 Date of Status: 02/2002 Last Reported: 12/2005 High Balance: $1,184 Recent Balance: $1,184 as of 12/2005 Creditor's statement: Account closed at credit grantor's request. Account History: Charge off as of Dec 2005, Nov 2005, Oct 2005, Sep 2005, Aug 2005, July 2005, Jun 2005, May 2005, Jan 2005, Dec 2004, Sep 2004, Jun 2004 to Aug 2004, Oct 2003 to April 2004, July 2003, Apr 2003, Sep 2002, Jun 2002, Jan 2002 180 days as of Oct 2001 150 days as of Sep 2001 120 days as of Aug 2001 90 days as of July 2001 60 days as of Jun 2001, Dec 2000 30 days as of May 2001, Nov 2000 AFTER DISPUTE, this is what the report says: Crap 1 Date Opened: 08/2000 Reported Since: 11/2000 Date of Status: 11/2001 Last Reported: 11/2001 High Balance: $697 Recent Balance: $1,202 as of 11/2001 Creditor's statement: Account closed at credit grantor's request. Account History: Charge off as of Nov 2001, Oct 2001 150 days as of Sep 2001 120 days as of Aug 2001 90 days as of July 2001 60 days as of Jun 2001, Dec 2000 30 days as of May 2001 I know that it is still a charge off and doesn't look good, but looks like they stopped reporting it monthly. Will that help his score since it looks like the account is now aging?
  9. Okay, my DH received in the mail on last week another letter from W&A (NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE). What should I expect now. I will be sending my DV letter to them today. I am also in the process of contacting a lawyer. Any suggestions on next steps?
  10. So Lady, I do not want to file BK. Are you suggesting that I DV them? Does it have to go to Arbitration?
  11. Thanks so much for your responses. The date they signed for my DV is 12/27/05. The letter dated by W&A is also 12/27/05, so they could claim that they sent the letter before they received the DV. Retmar, you said you would send a second DV, would it be to Palisades or W&A?
  12. My DH received a letter from Wolpoff & Abramson for an old AT&T account. On his credit report, the amt owed is $3402. The letter from W&A states: "Re: Palisades Collection LLC Assignee of AT&T Balance $4513.15 We are giving you a further opportunity to pay this account. If you are unable to pay in full, we may be able to help you work out a reasonable payment plan. If you prefer a payment plan, indicate below what payment you are proposing and return the bottom portion of this letter to our office in this self addressed enveope provided for your convenience. Can someone please advise me on my next steps? The above non-attorney employee of W&A directed that this letter be sent to your attention." The balance they are stating is $1111.15 more than what Palisades is repoting!!!! The letter is from a legal assitant. The DOLA on this account is 09/2002. I am in Texas and the SOL is 4 years. So this account is still w/in the SOL until the latter part of this year. This letter came from W&A after I sent a DV to Palisades. From looking at other posts, I see that they are "Sue Happy" and are brutal. Any suggestions on my next move? Oh, btw, they spelled my DH last name wrong.
  13. I am working on my DH credit repair. I sent a DV to CBCS on 12/20/05. They received it on 12/23/05. I received a letter from them (seems like the first letter they should send out before sending to CRA's) dated 12/14/05. My question: Is this a violation because they sent the 1st letter after they had already put their TL on his credit report (at least Aug 2005)?
  14. I had my card since Aug 2005 (4 months). Yes, they pulled a hard inquiry. That sucks, but oh well, got some more credit.