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  1. I got a pre-approved letter in the mail today 1. Is it worth it? 2. Is it really pre-approved or am i pre-approved to apply? thanks for advice in advance my scores are between 680 - 735
  2. chingasaholo are you going for the cayenne or the cayenne s? i want my wife to get the cayenne to replace her grand cherokee... as the adverts say... there is no substitute
  3. why not just phone up EQ and dispute inquiries? me and my wife have both had about 10 INQs taken off EQ from me calling and disputing
  4. if you can get your score over 660 them then you will get their best rate - 4.2% dunno about your circumstances but if you can lower you utilisation or wait a little, it would be worthwhile doing this - the difference between 4.2 and 5.2 is nearly 25% more total interest over the life of the loan
  5. Patelco are weird - only gave me $2500 for the credit card, but approved me for a 4 year $34,000 auto loan @ 4.2% I've only been in the USA for a year and they said I didn't have much experience of larger credit lines.... and wouldn't take my UK experian report into consideration.... apparently income was more important for the auto loan (probably becaused its secured on the car) Due to patelco I now have my dream car - Porsche 911! only one experian pull too.... Had to give a gentle reminder about the credit card (they seemed to forget about it) - they tell me I should get it next week.