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  1. That's Awsome! Congrats..! Sadly, this is the first time I've been on here in almost a year! EEP!! I do get to see MommaK and Chasey on facebook though...
  2. Congrats Doc on your new career!! Let me know if you pass our way!
  3. I'm just now logging in from over the weekend. GREAT WEDDING!!! Enjoy the Fairytale!!!!! You deserve it!
  4. WHOO HOOO!! She's here! We have 'tini's!!! Pear! whoo! Pomegranate WOOT! Chancy says " " Miracle says " ++" (a little "old school" CIC for ya! Right Doc?) We are warming up for Chase's big day! Get'n our livers ready!
  5. Are you still going to have the photo booth? That would make for some fun pics with that mask!
  6. That is awsome! See sometimes the good guys DO win!!
  7. HEY! Rodeo!! It's good to see you around!! Can't wait to meet you this weekend~!
  8. Can anyone tell me how to embed the video??? UGGG!!
  9. *SWOON* The way this song should be sung!!!!
  10. Keep up the good work!! You'll make it!!
  11. CONGRATS!! You deserve all the happiness in the world! (even if he is a Cannuk!)
  12. Keep up the good work! It will turn around!
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