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  1. The CPAP machine is the most likely to work at the lowest cost with lowest risk of complications. I've been on one for about 8 years.
  2. I used this interest calculator. For $640, 3 years, compounded 365x/year at 5% = 743.57. At 9%, 838.35. HTH.
  3. It does backdate. Yay for some good things in life.
  4. There is a calculation for this, but it's not in my list of spreadsheet formulas. Essentailly, over the course of 3 years, you were charged 50% in interest, so as a first approximation, it looks like you were charged an illegal rate for your state.
  5. Honestly, in the current credit climate, I wouldn't be closing cards after a CLD -- it only means that that CL will be the last reporting CL for that card EVER. When things get better, the CLIs will come again. This cycle happened before in 2001-2004.
  6. Honestly, Seamiles is a bad card, so I wouldn't worry about that one too much. It took me several tries to get approved by Juniper, but that was two years ago. Now that the credit climate is different, who knows?
  7. Oh, I had a baddie the month before I started. That one's gone, fortunately. So I'd be stuck with three more years. I don't think the work was in vain, though, because it's helped me see how hard it is to fix and is a huge disincentive to get into that bind again.
  8. 5 lates from 2002-2003 had a 21-point impact on my FICO, because that's how much my score jumped when they were gone.
  9. Not only fire the Orchard, but apply for a new Cap1 card, then roll the limit on the existing one into it (if you can). Either way, close the old Cap1. Cap1 subprime cards are subprime for life. You should be able to get better from them.
  10. System Unavailable The system is currently unavailable. Please contact customer service.
  11. Was the charged off amount paid between Sep 03 and Mar 04?
  12. UR = unrated, not derogatory. 9 = chargeoff. However, a paid chargeoff or collection still shows as a 9, I believe. Rating Description R0 or I0 Too new to rate R1 or I1 Current R2 or I2 30 days late R3 or I3 60 days late R4 pr I4 90 days late R5 or I5 120+ days late R7 pr I7 Payment Plan R8 or I8 Repo R9 or I9 Charged off/Collection Note that these are the older system, and I don't believe it's used any more for reporting. What is used is a much richer system that distinguishes between paid chargeoffs and chargeoffs.
  13. If you're accepting money for credit repair, you want to make sure you read this one all the way through three times through, and make sure you understand all the legal requirements before doing it.
  14. I have a clean EX! I did my every-13th-month dispute of my last remaining baddie on EX and.... It was updated to a clean tradeline! FICO jump from 627 -> 648. I started with 35 baddies on Experian and an EX FICO score of 483 four years and one month and one week ago. Given E-Oscar, this may also get pushed to EQ and TU, so I'm curious to see what'll happen with that. This baddie wasn't scheduled to drop off for nearly two more years. It's gone off EQ now as well, so I got a three-point bump there (633->636). I still have one baddie. Naturally, Cindy Brady hasn't updated yet, so I'll just have to wait to find out about my third score. I have one baddie there too.
  15. My green card is NOT counted in my util, so gold should not be. My Amex One isn't counted on 2 of the 3 CRAs (but don't ask me which 2).
  16. DH and I watched 10 Things I Hate About You last night in memoriam. I'd forgotten how good a flick it was.
  17. You don't want to know how many times I've been declined for WaMu. Besides, you've got Citi, and that's more prime.
  18. Saving 5% is worth it, imho. Sure, your credit isn't perfect, but it doesn't matter, saving money will help you meet your long-term financial goals.
  19. Juniper doesn't like to convert cards, and almost no card company will convert one cobranded card to another.
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