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  1. I was not in any way implying that I had any great level of "experience". Tenure does not imply experience so much as it simply warrants respect, and I felt that you were being condescending and disrespectful towards me for no reason. And, for the record "how soon can I..." was only posted by me two times, not FOUR TIMES!, however, your apology is accepted. By the by, thank you for raising the question of whether the fees from the CA would be removed when I consolidated. Hopefully, I will get an answer on that point.
  2. Wow, if I'm not mistaken, this is condescension...and from someone who has been here almost exactly two fewer years than me. That is nice. You know nothing about me or my situation. Your asinine post added nothing to my knowledge level, which, unless I am mistaken, is why most people come here, not to insult or denigrate, which seems to be your intent. I am not sure why you bothered to reply, when you had nothing positive to add and no knowledge to impart.
  3. Okay, if my credit is not an issue, which it is not at this time, my original question still stands: How soon after making an arrangement with a CA can I start the process of consolidation? As always Lynn, thank you in advance for your response. You don't always give the most popular answer, but you give the answer people need to hear.
  4. How soon after I negotiate the payment plan with the CA can I proceed with enrollment in William D. Ford? I would assume "active repayment" would have to include at least one payment, would it not?
  5. My issue is...I cannot afford regular payments of the amount I am sure would be required. Is there any plan other than William D. Ford that would accept me in a default status with no repayment plan in place currently? Is it a definite that William D. Ford would turn me down? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have read the basic requirements for William D. Ford rehabilitation, but I am unclear as to whether a person can meet the basic requirements for the loan, but still not be accepted. For example, I am in default on my student loans and do not currently have a payment arrangement with my guarantor or the agency that holds the loans. I am willing to do Income Contingent repayments and have estimated my payments to be $65 per month on this plan. I meet the basic requirements since these are all direct loans and since I am willing to do Income Contingent, so, is there any way I can be turned down for consolidation? I hope my question makes sense and is not stupid. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Aww yeah! Thanks to Earth Angel's advice, I was able to get 17 inquiries removed from my Equifax report by filling out dispute forms. Thank you Earth Angel.
  8. I don't know how your reply escaped me this long. I hope you are available to answer my followup questions. First, to answer your questions. Yes, these are federally guaranteed student loans. The student loan debts were included in my list of debts in my CH7 BK, and I never received anything showing that they were not discharged. In fact, all my CR listings for the student loans, without my having to do anything, were changed to indicate discharged in CH7 bankruptcy and were switched to a zero balance. I am not sure they are actually discharged, as I hear that is nearly impossible, AND because a collection agency representing the guarantor has threatened to have my tax refund offset, but that is a question for another thread. My question is this: If federally guaranteed student loans are not subject to RTP, do they ever drop off a credit report? All my accounts show zero balance, but EX is reporting late payments on each SL and has each SL listed as derogatory, so I would be interested in having the accounts fall off EX at least. (TU and EQ have the accts all listed as current with a zero balance). Any answer would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thank you all for your answers. The two accounts were decidedly not maxed out when I became an AU. The owner of the accounts decided to go through a "mid-life crisis" recently and buy a buttload of stuff in an effort to regain their youth. I am afraid it can only get worse, so I think, with the help of Methuss' sage advice, I am going to have the tradelines removed. Thanks again for all responses.
  10. b to the u to the m to the p Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  11. I have two accts on which I am an authorized user. One was opened in Dec 2005 and the other in May 2006. Both accounts show as current, never late, however, both have balances very near the maximum ($10,000 on one $4,500 on the other). My question is this: Would it help my credit score more to leave the positive tradelines on my report, or would my credit score be better served by removing the accounts, which would greatly improve my utilization? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  12. The only payments I made on the account came in 2003. I don't see that indicated on these listings, as they were made to a CA, not Sallie Mae. Does that change the DOLA at all, or should it still be based on the date of original delinquency for this particular listing?
  13. Here is a listing from my Experian report from 7/31/2005. SALLIE MAE 3RD PTY LSCF Address: 1002 ARTHUR DR LYNN HAVEN, FL 32444 Account Number: 414xxxxxx.... Status: Transferred/Claim filed with government. Date Opened: 09/1994 Type: Installment Reported Since: 09/1994 Terms: NA Date of Status: 05/2003 Monthly Payment: $0 Last Reported: 05/2003 Responsibility: Individual Credit Limit/Original Amount: $2,572 High Balance: NA Recent Balance: NA Recent Payment: NA Creditor's statement: Account transferred to another lender. Account History: Claim filed with the government as of Apr 2003, Mar 2003 180 days as of Sep 2002 to Feb 2003, Nov 2001, Oct 2001 150 days as of Aug 2002, Aug 2001 120 days as of Jul 2002, Jul 2001, Dec 1998 90 days as of Jun 2002, Jul 2001, Jun 2000, Jun 1999, Nov 1998 The date of Nov 1998 is indicated as the date I became 90 days delinquent on the account, so I think this should be used to determine DOLA. However, here is the listing for the same acct from my report as of today: SALLIE MAE 3RD PTY LSCF Address: 1002 ARTHUR DR LYNN HAVEN, FL 32444 No phone number available Account Number: 414xxxxxx.... Status: Discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7/Transferred,closed. Date Opened: 09/1994 Type: Installment Credit Limit: $2,572 Date of Status: 10/2005 Terms: NA High Balance: $2,572 Reported Since: 09/1999 Monthly Payment: $0 Recent Balance: $0 Last Reported Date: 10/2005 Responsibility: Individual Recent Payment: $0 Your Statement: NA Creditor's Statement: Account transferred to another lender. Account History: 180 days as of Sep 2002 to Apr 2003, Oct 2001, Sep 2001 150 days as of Aug 2002, Aug 2001 120 days as of Jul 2002, Jul 2001 90 days as of Jun 2002, Jun 2001, Jun 2000 Debt included in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Oct 13, 2005 Two things stand out. One, it shows 90 days as of June 2000, not Nov 1998. Two, it shows that it has only been reported since September 1999, while the original report shows September 1994. Has this account been reaged? Using the November 1998 date, should this account not have already dropped off my credit report? Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  14. My wife and I filed Ch 7 BK in October 2005 (pre new laws), and it was discharged in March. On my credit report, there was a collection account from an anesthesia group with a balance of $200. After notification of the filing, the collection account was removed from my credit report (it only appeared on Equifax). Now, the acct has been relisted on my Equifax report, showing as follows: Date Assigned-May 2003 Date Reported-December 2006 Amount-$200 Balance-$200 Balance Date-December 2006 Date of Last Activity-December 2002 Collection Status-In Bankruptcy Status Date-December 2006. Both the original creditor and the collection agency were included in my creditor matrix. I know that, at the very least, the listing should show a balance owed of $0. My question is this. Since the item was removed previously and now shows on my report with a balance owed and a balance date of December 2006, is this a violation of the terms of my BK? Is relisting considered new activity on a discharged debt? I hope my questions make sense, and I appreciate any answers provided.