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  1. As far as sinking fast; i was talking about myself. Quicken had the nerve to call me back today and asked if i wanted to do a reverse mortgage. I told him to go fly a kite.
  2. CCRP626 they did not, the only name i see is a company called Quizzie.com - this just looks weird. I am going to call them tomorrow and ask them where do i get my free credit report. This person said they were (Cred Star's sister company) ; it also says that Quizzie is a great place to get a complete understanding of your credit. z provides you with important information about your credit, Starting with a free look at your credit report and credit score. This sounds like another consumers will have to deal with.
  3. I just recently applied to have my home refinance through Quicken Loans, of course I got turned down. I received my turn down letter and lo and behold there is another credit reporting agency called: CredStar out of California. Of course I was shocked when I saw this. How do you dispute when the 3 major ones is not listed. What is going on here: we have EquifaxExperianTransUnionInnnovisNow CredStarHow many CRAs' do we need this is totally ridiculous
  4. I just went back and checked my Chapter 13 claims and Ecast settlement corporation came into the BK with the 7208 number for HSBC in 2008 and was paid out of that. How can Cap1 purchase this account?
  5. Hello Credit info center, 1. I have been disputing items on my credit report for almost a year, this once (Capital One) came back as verified. I had filed chapter 13 in 2008 and it was properly discharged. Capital one was not one of the creditors. 2. The problem is Capital one is listed on my credit report as a chapter 13 debt account; I have never had a capital one account at all. 3. I have disputed this with the credit bureaus; to no avail 4. i called Capital one they stated they could not find account. I proceeded to tell them i have never had an account with them and they claim to have purchased this account. The manger i spoke with said they would research it. 5. Today I received a letter from Capital ONE stating: · in order to process my dispute ( I asked for an investigation) they would need the following · The full name of the card member indicated on the account · the full account number · my social security number · a detailed explanation of my request · a copy of the page from my credit report indicating the account referenced in my request. If I never had an account with them why would i provide them with all this information? I followed the Steps of disputing and validating from this wonderful website. Thanks Tsandy
  6. I have Ocwen and i also have problem with this rotten company, something needs to be done with. I keep tabs on this company constantly. I was in a chapter 13 in 2008 with litton servicing and when the Chapter 13 was over and i was officially discharged, they sold it to ocwen and now ocwen is not reporting my payments to the credit bureau, Ocwen was not even involved in the chapter 13. i have file complaints with the Consumer protection agency and also got my state senator/ Congressman involved; I am trying to refinance to get away from them. to the person above who has ocwen make sure you send everything certified mail. I have been making my monthly payment every month and yet they are not reporting it to the credit bureau; the company that is going to refinance me said they would not send them a payment history. Does anyone know of a consumer attorney in columbus ohio that would handle the case if i could sue these people.? My loan was not delinquent, i was steered in the subprime direction by ace mortgage that my neighbor had recommended. I was trying to refinance for a smaller interest rate, my credit was good until i met up with these people. WARNING : Pay attention to what you sign and who you sign with.
  7. Thanks Much. I have a copy of the contract . I never had them access my account. Thank GOD!!
  8. Does anyone know anything about this company. I originally signed up under Platinum Protections for a 5 year contract, now Monitronic is listed as a third party on the bill .After hearing the nightmare stories of cancelling Monitronics, I was hoping they were exaggerated. My contract I thought had expired. I sent written notification listing my name, address, phone number, account number, and password saying I would like to cancel my service. Should be enough right? No. This week I receive a letter saying they couldn't cancel my service because they are telling me i am still under contract. I signed a contract with platinum Protection and not Monitronics. Of course they then proceed to charge me for this month. I've called several times. Apparently their "account specialists" only work special times of the day.Figured let it ride was just a name change. I WAS NEVER INFORMED this was a company buying out my contract and never asked if I WANTED TO CONTINUE WITH them. Now that my contract has ended. I have signed with a new company and now these people are telling me i still have a contract with them. Does any one have any information. I live in Ohio. Thanks Tsandy7
  9. I filed chapter 13 not chapter 7 in which you have to reaffirm. Besides Ocwen was never involved in this until after the chapter 13 was done. Equity one sold it to Ocwen. Can they legally do this. the last statement I received from Ocwen was July of 2012. after that I never received anymore statements. What is going on here. I am thoroughly confused. Please advise. thanks. tsandy7
  10. How do I reaffirm a mortgage, when I had a contract? The mortgage was still being paid the exact amount through the BK. Chapter 13. My attorney never said anything about having to reaffirm the mortgage. I had some other debt mainly that was on there. I have my discharged papers from the court. Am I missing something? I will reaffirm if I should. Thank you for your reply.
  11. Lady in Red, I have a question: I filed Chapter 13 in 2008 and it was discharged in December of 2010. The problem I am having is that Ocwen Servicing is not reporting my account to the Credit Bureaus and also they are not sending me my monthly statements for my Mortgage account. I still send in my payments even though they will not send me monthly statements and report to all the Credit Bureaus. I have repeatedly asked why? I get runaround answers that they are working on it. I called Ocwen today and was told bylaw when a person files Bankruptcy they cannot contact that person, however I told Jason this has been since 2010. I have may release papers from the court. Is this a violation and how can I handle this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. They have damaged my credit even more by not reporting at all for 3 year. thanks tsandy7
  12. I just got out of a ch12 4 years ago. the attorney got his money upfront. also got balance from the plan. It is possible that this attorney maybe trying to double collect.
  13. They are both on SS and the current mortgage is paid. The husband had lost his job before he was on ss. We have asked for paper work from PNC and noone seems to know anything. they had orginally done a chapter 13 because at that time they had regular working income. Should they do a chapter 7? there is no way they can pay that amount of money. T
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