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  1. Well, we're still discussing it. Hubby wants me to take more classes (to finish sooner) and wants to get a second job at night himself. I have no idea how it's going to work we're so stressed out over everything as it is - all this is going to do is add more stress. He says our only chance of having a better life is me finishing school. For me to quit or go part-time and work at some cheap hourly rate job just doesn't make sense and won't get us anywhere. I can finish in 4 years if I go up to 5 classes (taking 4 now) and I'm going to take at least one class over the summer. As for my parents, they still haven't made an effort to remove my name so I have no idea... For the time being, I'm not paying them.
  2. Tatiana, Where did you order it from? I want to call and get one. Thanks!!!
  3. I was really feeling like I was being attacked when you wrote that reply. I can understand why you would be frustrated with your family over that situation. I just feel so crappy about this as it is and when I read your reply, my defenses kicked in. Apology accepted.
  4. That would be interesting if they were free... Quite nice, too. How do you all go about "fixing" your credit records? Do you call in, send the "fixes" in writing for them to investigate or what do you do? I believe I explained what happened the last time and this time. The last time I went bankrupt my 5th month of pregnancy the dr. put me on full bedrest - you can't very well work when your on bedrest. This time, I was an independent contractor making 1800-2000/mo and found out one week before I (and everyone else) was being let go. As an independent contractor you can't collect unemployment. There's no way in this area I can find a job making that kind of money without a degree. This is a very small town, not much is offered. I have two kids and in the summer any job around here I'd be making absolutely nothing - only paying daycare to raise my kids, don't think so. Did I want or ask for either situation to happen? NO! Am I proud? NO! Unfortunately... **** happens. By the way, this didn't happen because we were out buying extravagant stuff... this happened just trying to live. I think you are being a little too judgemental, personally. Some people do go out and spend, spend, spend but that doesn't meant that every person that gets into a credit bind went out asking for this. Sounds like you need to talk to your family and not assume everyone else is like them.
  5. Wish I'd have known that back then also. It was hell for many years trying to recover and find a real bank lender that would give us a chance. We did find one, thank God and never were late on either the house or the van and haven't been to this day. So are you saying they can't come for the house equity or are you just saying chances are that they won't? The most I have on one card is $8000. And then the other $22000 is spread among the other 6. Cap One I have two cards a visa and mc so the combined total is like $13000ish.
  6. Yeah, come to think of it... it would be quite nice to see that BK gone!!!
  7. My first bankruptcy was 10 yrs ago Oct. 1 so other than this past month we should seriously be okay but then who knows. I should bother with the credit report but I don't know what good it would do to know when I know all these bad marks are going to be on it. If I could just be denied credit I could get a report, I won't pay for it. Can't right now.
  8. Makes sense - never thought of it like that (BK all bad marks, not paying just some bad marks). I have no idea what my credit number is, maybe 2, lol. The phone number they were calling is now gone - it's peaceful here again. I'm just going to keep those two. Will keep the car and the house and that's about it. I'm no where near a coronary - maybe an anxiety attack.
  9. Okay, mine are just in the collections department then - I think it is willingtocope I was talking to about the 30 day thing - I'm actually 30 days past due not 30 days late, which probably makes more sense to you. I'm having trouble decifering between all the terms here and exactly what they mean. I'm learning, don't give up on me yet. My attorney told me that you could go BK the first time and be forgiven and given another chance but said if you go BK again you would never get credit (unless it's secured). This was years back (10 years) when we went the first time around. Not true, huh? I'm sort of hoping for not paying - having it go to collections and then going the DV route. I don't want them coming after my house though. The largest amount we are talking about on one card is $8000. Would they try to take your home for that amount? Oh, I see what you mean by the bank not negotiating for you and can definitely see your regrets. Guess we all live and learn. I tried negotiating last night but they weren't budging. None of them. Two of them were very nice - the others... well, they weren't so nice. This board has been truly a god-send. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate all your input. You're all so kind and helpful.
  10. THANK YOU! This is exactly what I was looking for and yes, I was getting the two confused. In order to do debt validation, I need to have all of the cards in collection then? Is there a difference between a card being in collections and being taken over by a CA? BK 7 I may have to consider but I would feel so guilty... You went through a debt counseling service? Is that what you mean by, "My biggest regret is not handling the debt settlements myself." There's no cleaning up my report if I do go BK again. But then I suppose there is life without credit and it would force us to live within our means. I'm going to make some phone calls shortly and get things we don't need canceled.
  11. Yes, actually, we've sold MANY things on eBay - we just ran out of things to sell that brought in real money. My hubby is considering a second job. I can't make any changes this semester but was considering going part-time next semester and working part-time but hubby said he'd rather get a second job and have me finish school sooner. I'll go in summers too just so I can get this moving along. I have all these tests this week and all I can think about is my debt - not a good thing.
  12. It's funny you mention not recommending credit counseling places, I was recommended by two credit card companies to go that route. There's another string with more details under debt settlement with the same subject line (in way over our heads with no options). I called each one of the credit card companies tonight - that was a long, drawn out process. Fun too, by the way. I don't buy coffee or donuts out. I cut as many corners as I can as it is - coming up with $20 sounds pathetic but I can't do it. I remember feeling like this years and years ago and thought it was only supposed to get better but now we're going backwards and it really sucks. I did write the employee's name down, their operator number, time, date, and what we conversed about. We'll see if the calls are any better tomorrow - probably not though considering I couldn't really make any set payment arrangements with them. I'm going to be cutting other things out tomorrow... like raising our deductions on our vehicles, lowering our cell phone bills, canceling our second phone line, etc. It's got to get better, right? I sure hope so...
  13. Well, I called them all - been on the phone for about 2 1/2 hours - negotiations didn't fare well. Considering my record up till now with them has been very well - no late payments I figured they would try to work with me but 2 of them are already in collections!!!!!!!!!! They don't mess around... I figured it would be 60-90+ days before that happened but nope 2 of them are already there. It's official, we're ruined, never to buy a new car again - better hope mine can chug along for quite some time... Enough self-pitty - going to turn in - all those calls made me ill and very tired.
  14. Household Bank is the one that called before 30 days and they're the one I only owe $700 to. I looked back on my checkbook - this one will be officially 30 days late on the 6th of Oct (2 more days). Maybe they're calling me earlier than normal because of my past bankruptcy (risk). I don't know, all I know is I wasn't even 30 days and the calls started. Are you saying that having entertainment money (limited) is still something I can consider until I get these paid off? I know what you're saying. We wouldn't need to go to the movies but maybe we could rent one. We can maybe go to McDonald's but no steak restaurants, lol. Or maybe once in a while I can BUY us a steak and cook it on the grill instead of eating it out. I'd feel too guilty. I have a bunch of notes that I made today from all your suggestions and I'm going to talk to my hubby here momentarily. He hates discussing these things but it's just something we need to discuss, plain and simple. And, sorry about earlier - I wasn't trying to place blame on him it was more of my disgruntled attitude from him blaming me when I tried so many times to talk to him - frustration. My phone, my choice? Okay, I know which phone line I'm canceling then...
  15. The 15th will be 30 days but it is the credit card companies calling. One of them I owe $8,000. Our number is unlisted and we are on the "do not call list." I thought it was a little soon for them to be calling but I do have caller ID and I did pick up once and it sure enough was one of them and that one I only owe a total of $700 on. No kidding. I'm putting a plan together. Making a list of things I can sell and cutting things I can cut like the cable, second phone line, keeping the heat down, etc. to cut down on monthly expenses. Going backwards, isn't it great!?! Your credit problem wasn't your fault then - ours, no doubt about it. It's OUR fault, not just mine. I tried talking to my hubby on SEVERAL occasions about our finances and he kept refusing to talk to me about it - I did what I felt I had to in order for us to get by. I'm not taking full blame for this. Funny thing is, I keep getting all these pre-approved CCs in the mail. No, I'm not caving I'm in far enough but what are these people thinking? It could be that they started calling because I've never been late and they're trying to see what's going on. They might not be ready to fully harass me yet but honestly, I don't have the money and I don't know how or when I can pay. All I do know is that I'm going to make the changes I need to make and we'll pay them somehow, someway. What would happen if when I cancel my second phone line if I canceled the one they keep calling? They're both unlisted. Is that unlawful?
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