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  1. I want to cancel the service. Does anyone know what the number is? Thanks -Buck
  2. zweipak - havn't heard back from you. Let me know what you can help me with. Later. -Buck
  3. Yes let me know what you can find, cause 3K is just about the right amount. i use to own a 1998 CBR 600 F3 and am looking for another sportbike. PM me with details of what you can get. Thanks -Buck
  4. I went to Kawi this past weekend and was looking at a few of their bikes. I think that is the route I am going to have to take is putting some money down or just save up and buy one used from someone now. I really have no idea yet. My wife has the Funancing card, but the interest rate is way higher than I like. And you are right; there are not many more things as exciting as twisting the throttle. -Buck
  5. Congrats on your increased score and your new truck!!!!!
  6. This is the company that finances Harley Davidson motorcycles. Thanks. -Buck
  7. I am not sure how that would work out. I do know the payments would be higher. I think the dealership would get the entire check or would they? Anyone else have an idea as to how this would work? -Buck
  8. What scores do they like, any BK's when you applied...etc. Has anyone had any dealings with this company? Thanks!!! -Buck
  9. I would like to just say thanks to everyone who has given their advice on this subject. I enjoy this forum alot. Thanks yall!!!! -Buck
  10. Okay. So I could try Harley. Anyone have any dealings with them here on this board? Looks like they use this company - Eaglemark Savings Bank - anybody has any clue as to who these people are and if they would help me out? -Buck
  11. Here is an update. I tried to get a loan with Honda for a motorcycle and they turned me and my wife down. She has Fako scores from 692-702 and mine are around 650's. The only bad marks on our reports is a BK7 from 04-2001. Guess I will have to wait another year and try again. But yet we bought a 2003 Dodge Durango with no problems what-so-ever. Got it for 60 months at 9.0%, simple interest loan with no money down. Go figure. -Buck
  12. You are very upside down. Even if you could trade your truck for a car the payments would prob be more than all those other factors combined. Try to find someone to carpool with from your area to this new place. That is my 0.02. Later -Buck
  13. Cap one calls themselves a "conservative lender", they will only do what they want to do when they want to do it. It does not surprise me. It has happened to all of us. Later. -Buck
  14. That is what I have. 1- HSBC 1- Orchard 1 - HouseHold. And I have never got another offer since. Credit limit increases of course but no other offer. -Buck
  15. I called Cap One and if any of you get this message what it means is they want you to call in to verify information and you should be approved. I called and got more than what I need to buy a vehicle. Later. -Buck
  16. I have heard most of you talk about how good their Auto loans are. So I gave it a try and got turned down for - Insufficient comparable high credit - What does this mean and how can I beat it. Thanks -Buck
  17. Seems to me that in order to make money on this site you would at least have to start with 5000.00 or more to invest in potential borrowers. The returns would be great, if you were willing to take the gamble that everyone that you leant money to will indeed pay their loan back. I hope this works out for those that do lend, but I do not see a very bright future for this. Who knows maybe it will be the next big thing and I will kick myself for not investing. Anyway my 2 cents. Later. -Buck
  18. Found all the info needed. Thanks again!!! -Buck
  19. Not really sure when it went south. I would guess 03-2001. What is a PFD? -Buck
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