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  1. Charles- FirstSource is the best. He is an honest and patient person. I got a little taste of how stressful his job can be. He has made the experience a positive one. For those of you purchasing, I couldn't recommend him more.
  2. Your right, they rarely have them. In fact, Tmobile didn't have mine.. and after I asked for it, I haven't heard a single word from them.
  3. I couldn't agree more. I got into trouble in high school. My parents never talked to me about credit cards. I'm not making excuses for my behavior. But, I'm sure their are a lot of us. I was given any card that I wanted w/ a measily part time job.
  4. So I guess, as always, it's about the almighty dollar. As long as there is money to made then forget that illegal immigrants are violating federal law. If FICO is so danged important to mortgage lenders, then what type of FICO scores could these people have with no SSN? I have no problem with immigration as most of the ancestors of every poster on this board were immigrants...just think it should be done legally. JMHO.I agree.
  5. Great!!! I'm close enough to taste it lol.
  6. Good, I'm glad that you fought it. But, how do we know this is the same situation? The advice could easily be misconstrued. We certainly do not want to guide this person into prison.
  7. Whoa....can we say a couple of different felonies here. By all means, if you are a victim go that route. But, if "not mine" really is yours... it's not worth it.
  8. As a newbie, I felt like cleared up a LOT of stuff. I didn't have to ask near as many questions. I could just refer to the book & get what I needed. Of course, I posted if I needed too. But, I didn't feel like posting 100x a day about the small stuff. Best $20 bucks I've ever spent...
  9. I've had the same thing happen. Some people swear that they pull directly from the bureaus. But, I have an acct that is listed on my EX report (online, mailed a copy).. but it is not on MCK.
  10. Are you saying that the OC got dropped & Midland appeared? That's common. The OC sold the acct to Midland. Sounds like they just sold it to Midland & then forwarded your dispute letter to them.
  11. Yeah, they suck like that. If you look closely at your reports, you will probably see your creditors under soft inquiries. I see mine. It's not every month, but every once in a while. Like Willing said, if something bothers them, they will increase % & decrease CL and even close accts.
  12. I applied for Blue & Delta... I was denied Blue. The reason being one paid charge off.. but my score exceeded their minimum (about 680). I did recieve the Delta though.
  13. Even if you call them on it.. all they will do is say that they DID mail you results. It's happened to me.
  14. Absolutely. I assumed he/she had dv'd them first. Look at Methuss's post re RR.