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  1. how do I determine for sure if SOL of 6 Years has passed or near with the above information?
  2. Yes, I believe TU the only proof I have that it was paid . I did do a balance transfer and checking to see if the account was closed as it should have been. confusing to say the least.
  3. I recieved a letter from an attorney representing a CA for an alleged debt. I sent Debt Validation (DUNN) and got response with computerized printouts of a credit card statement (dated 2008), bill of sale..etc.and also appears to be threatening to "take further action" if I don't pay up. I just happen to check my credit report and it is not even listed anymore except for TU which if I am reading this correctly reports that the >Account paid in full, was a charge off< Furthermore this alleged debt SOL expires in two months! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CREDIT CARD DELAWARE #5110xxxxxxx****POB 9090 WILMINGTON, DE 19899(999)xxx-xxxxDate Opened:08/31/2006Responsibility:Individual AccountAccount Type:Revolving AccountLoan Type:CREDIT CARDBalance:$0Date Updated:04/01/2011Last Payment Made:06/23/2008High Balance:$1,986Credit Limit:$850Pay Status:>Account paid in Full; was a Charge-off<Date Closed:01/01/2008 Remarks: PURCHASED BY ANOTHER LENDEREstimated month and year that this item will be removed: 07/2015------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What letter(s) should I send (if any) ? I have a feeling they are intending to sue me very shortly. Will I have a valid defense?? Please help.....How should I respond ?????
  4. Here is one for you: Nations recovery center 6491 PeachTree Industrial Blvd Atlanta, GA. 800-935-1139 These guys are rude and very aggressive. I can't wait to nail them on violations already called me 4 times in one day.
  5. It's actually a collection account that reads in part: New collection on debt by: CREDIT MANAGEMENT Reported: 1/1/2007 Show/Hide Details In 3/1/2007, the collection agency CREDIT MANAGEMENT was hired by a creditor to collect $XXX in debts on account number XXXXXXXX1. Original balance: $XXX Agency name: CREDIT MANAGEMENT Current balance: $XXX Agency number: 6XXXXXXXXXX Status (as of 2007) : UNPAID Agency industry: Not on Record First delinquency: 2007 Original creditor: 6XXXXXXXXX Last payment: Not on Record Description: Not on Record Contact: CREDIT MANAGEMENT, 17070 Dallas Pkwy, Dallas, TX, 752481950 What is the quickest way to get this possible code error off, its reporting on equifax and experian...serious problem for sure! NOT MY ACCT After further research it a ca for comcast , i'm sending dv letter certified!
  6. Holy Crap guys, I just recieved an myfico credit alert about a "public record" collection account from Credit Management Systems on my Equifax file. My score dropped 126 points! I am so BS I can't stand still. No validation of any such debt. I am sending a DV letter certified priorty mail. Do i have them on a violation or do I have to go thru the DV process, I want this off TODAY! thanks for your replies.!!! The CA is: Credit Management 17070 Dallas Pkwy. Dallas, TX. 752481950 Anyone know of have dealing with these violators ????
  7. Going on 6yrs ch7 and wanting to know if I send this letter if it will come off my report? What's the status of the lawsuit if any ? Did the ch 7 bankrp come off ?
  8. my score went up 12 points! no inquries on file, any takers on my previous posted question on disputing discharged ch 7 bankrptcy??
  9. I got all 8 inquiries removed using this method, I'm wondering will this method work with a discharged ch 7 bankrptcy ????? The information on my file currently reads: (excluding x which represents my blocking info) Bankruptcy filed on XXX, XX, 2002 Court of law [?] Not reported Case number [?] 1XXXXXXXX Date filed [?] XXX, XX, 2002 Status [?] Discharged CH-7 Plaintiff [?] Not reported Defendant [?] Not reported However, I believe I'm in my right to dispute it anyway because the information is not accurate, ie: actual date, actual bankruptcy case #. Thanks for your replies ???
  10. I was having a similar difficulty and I sending them debt valid ltr..along with state banking reg. compliant... Do they have the ability to report to the CRA ??? or just SCAN ??>
  11. This worked for me, i'll be glad to post a "screen shot" for those nay sayers..great post and hopefully my score will nudge up a bit! I have 3 remaining but I attempt to remove 1 more of them only thru this method.
  12. Rarzr, I agree with your point, it makes me wonder, thanks everyone for your input (thats why i love this forum) , I got a pre-approval in the mail and decided to try my luck on the "Discover Walmart Card" but was only approved for the "Store" card. What a joke! I will however keep it less than 25% utilzation and sock it for 6mths or so then ask for the Discover upgrade or better yet just cancel it all together!
  13. I have a similar ongoing issue with a ca RJM, I sent the 1st debt validation ltr & also at the same time disputed with the cra. I recieved a response 3days later on RJM green letterhead: --------------------------- RE * John Doe Original Creditor *XYZ BANK (overdrawn) Original Creditor Account# * 1xxxxxxxxx Appears on your credit reprot as * 1xxxxxxx RJM File # 1xxxxxxxxxx Acct Balance * 1xx.xx SS#* 000-000-0000 Dear John Doe, Rjm Acquaisitions LLC has recieved a Consumer Dispute Verification ("CDV") inquiry from CRA in which you questioned some aspect of our reporting of the above referenced account. RJM is the owner of the above referenced account RJM takes seriously its duty to verify and maintain accurate information concerning this account. Accordingly, after thorough investigation, we have responded to CRA. If you disagree with what we are reporting on this account, or if you dispute all of any portion of this account, or both kindly write to us and be sure to include the tear-off section below in the postage paid envelope provided. ---------------------------- So my question is are they responding to the Dispute letter sent from the CRA or My Debt Validation letter ??? I personally believe they are responding ONLY to the dispute request from the CRA. I also checked my online dispute status with the CRA and the outcome says "Remains" . They are obviously have not even throurougly investigated this, and I don't want to wait til the 30 day expiration to enforce my rights under the FCRA. At the same token, I just want this off my report , so Should I also walk into a local branch pay it off with the OC (by passing the CA) before the validation period is up??? Thanks for your replies.. ANY TAKERS or suggustions ???>
  14. I got a pre-approval card in the mail for walmart (unspecified amt) so I applied on there website only to get approved for $150. What a joke of a credit limit compaired to my DMB $2600 instant approval. I called in for re-consideration for a higher limit and they said i have to have the card activated before i request an increase ? They pulled Experian So what should i do now: 1. I've got a useless inquiry for this joke of a card 2. A $150 credit limit Should I close the card right away and be done with it, or will this card ding my score even more because of such a low credit line. what's the point of keeping a card like this? I have enough cards to have established my credit anywho..hovering at 640+/-. please advise...thanks!
  15. Try www.whogavemecredit.com
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