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  1. What do you do with the checks? Do you keep them or shred them? So far, I have a folder for all the checks I received. Not that I would use it someday, but just to keep them there until I have time to shred it into tiny pieces... The problem with these checks is that, if it gets into the wrong hands (take your pick who) it could become a disaster for the cardholder. Don't you agree cavazos007 I read somewhere, I just can't remember where, that we could ask the card issuer to stop this. I have not inquired into it yet, once I do, I will definitely let you guys know.
  2. I have a Paypal Providian Visa with an initial limit of 4k. After using it for about I would say 6-9 months, paying more than the minimum, sometimes paying off the balance (depending on how much it is), they gave me a CLI automatically. The limit became $5500 without me asking. I didn't know it until I logged on to check my balance, and there it was a higher limit. Providian I would say is one of the unpredictable card issuers. They denied my initial application, but after applying for the second time, they gave me a card. Go figure! I hate it that they always send me checks encouraging me to
  3. Thanks LNY, , you too! I am still reaching and dreaming that one day I will get one of those low interest rate cards. Oh well, maybe next year. I am just waiting for my score to reach the 700's. It is always good to read your postings and the other experts here in the board! Thank you all!
  4. ctnmkp: Juniper (Orbitz Mastercard) approved me with $7500 limit. I applied online. They did not approved me right away though. They wanted to verify if I am a US Citizen. After sending them a copy of my citizenship certificate, a few days after, I received an email congratulating me for becoming a new cardmember. I received my card after a week. I have BK13 almost into 2 years when I applied. They pulled TU--my score then was in 685. You may have more chances of getting approved since they sent you a pre-approval. Goodluck!
  5. Providian and Juniper pulls from TU and I'm from Maryland. Although when I applied with Providian in Nov. 2004, I was declined, and my score was in mid 600 and my BK13 was only about 7 months old from being discharged. After about a year, I applied for Paypal also from Providian, with a score of 673 in TU, they approved me (not right away, it took about 3 weeks) and I received a welcome packet from them indicating my limit of $4k which they later increased to $5500 after constant usage.
  6. My BK13 discharged was only 7 months old when I applied for a Target Card in Nov. 2004. They gave me an instant approval online, with a credit limit of $300. My scores back then were only mid 500s. I am surprised to see that some people on the board could not get an approval without any BK and higher scores than mine. I guess it's a hit or miss... I still have the card although I don't use it even though I shop there almost every weekend to buy my son's diapers and milk. I usually used my Paypal Providian that gives me points for every dollar I spend. The last time I used my target card was in
  7. I just got a 2nd mortgage thru Citifinancial. I know some people in this board have some horror stories to tell about Citifinancial, however, after being contacted by at least five (5) different mortgage lenders and brokers from Lending Tree, Citifinancial gave me the best rate of 9.75 (everybody else was pushing to give me a rate of 11 and up) with a minimal closing cost of 3 points (equivalent to about $750) everybody else was charging me more than $2k. They also put me in their rate reduction program, which means that after good payment history for 24 months, they will drop the rate to 9.5.
  8. I bank with BofA. One of the secured cc I was looking into applying was the secured cc from BofoA. I looked into their qualification for a secured credit card and one of the requirements to get the secured card is "you've never filed for bankruptcy"-- my bk was discharged over a year ago. When I saw that, I did not bother because I know they will just deny me. So with that, I would consider BofA as bk unfriendly.
  9. FYI: Since I could not find the piece of paper that I read about inactivity fee, I went to the source and called HH. The account rep told me that there is no inacitivity fee, however, if the card hasn't been active within six (6) months, they will freeze (not suspend) and call the account holder why the card hasn't been used. I guess when that time comes, it would be the best time to negotiate annual fees, CLI, and or rate...
  10. I called them last month to ask for a CLI, they said they normally review your account in 6 months (mine would have been up in April) and they would give it to you upon review (if deemed deserving, on time pymts, etc.). However, if you ask for it, they will have to charge you $25 (I think) and an inquiry (not sure if hard or soft). So I declined. Up until now I still have not gotten the CLI yet and my sixth month was up last April.
  11. That's a good suggestion. I will try to keep looking for that piece of paper. It will be a good info to let everybody know once I find it. Thanks for the input.
  12. I was wondering if there is anyone who knows if HH Credit cards have an inactivity fee? I thought I read it somewhere when I first got my Mastercard, but I could not seem to find that brochure that came along with the card. I will be going on maternity leave and would like to just pay off the card balance and not use it for awhile, but I don't want to get hit with an inactivity fee. Thanks again for your input.... Thank you!
  13. Are you familiar with Stephen Snyder? If you're not, he is the author of the book called Credit After Bankruptcy. He later wrote another book called "Do you make 38 mistakes with your Credit?" I bought this book before it was even introduced to the public sometime last year around September or October, (which I later returned after finding out about this website) anyway, along with this book, there was a CD that has an interview that he conducted with someone who worked with FICO ?? (the company). Anyway, according to this guy, it does not affect your score whether the card is secured or not.
  14. Mine is reporting in all three CB. I called Target customer service to find out when they would switched the guest card to a Visa and the person that I talked to said that they don't normally do that. You have to apply again for the Visa and they will pull another inquiry for them to do that. Go figure.
  15. I think they have a department for credit rebuilding. My DH and I got our application through the seminar we attended that was distributing their secured credit card application. I am sure if you call their customer service number and asked for a secured credit card application, they would be able to direct you to the right individual or department. It took about 3 weeks before we received our cards. But I think if you send in money order for your deposit, it would probably take about 2 weeks to get your card. And yes, within a year of good payments, it becomes unsecured. I just don't know how