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  1. No wonder she is trying to do this. We thought it was to good to be true. I will decline and have an attorney handle this in court. We didn't want the house anyway but thought if we could get it from her and make payments for a period of time we could get my credit good again. This really sucks. The divorce papers even stated that she was to stay current with payments etc... or it would no longer be considered a divorce matter. Thanks
  2. I divorced my ex 11 years ago and quit claimed the house over to her. She is now being reported as 90 days late on the payments and in the last 5 years she has been late 9 out of every 12 months. My current wife and I are trying to clean up our credit so we can purchase our own home. We told her that we are going to hire an attorney now my ex is saying she does not want the house and will quit claim it back over to me. This would be great because we could sell it and get it cleared up, but.... A little searching of public records is showing she has 5 judgement liens on the property. If she quit claims it to me do the liens now become my problem? What would I have to do to get them off the property? Thanks
  3. That is what I am looking for. You are a true life saver. All of our Credit Card accounts are past the 6 year SOL. We now have the upper hand on dealing with the CA's on these accounts. Thanks so much!!
  4. I live in Ohio I would like to know what the SOL is on Credit Cards/MasterCard/Visa for my state. I have had some people tell me they are Open-ended accounts and others say they are Written Contracts. I really need to have this verified by a legal professional that knows the Ohio state laws on this subject. Or, some idea of how I could find out the actual law for quoting in a letter to CA. Thanks
  5. I have 2 Student Loans that went into delinquency in 12/85. I had spoken to an attorney about BK Chapter 7 because I could not pay these loans back at the time. I never made any payments on them and they were my only debts at the time. The Attorney told me there was no reason for a BK because the SL's were past the SOL for California. Now, after all these years a CA is contacting me about settlement of these old loans. What are my options here? How were these loans SOL's back in 1985? Eather way, I believe the SOL in California is a max of 4 years. Any help is great. Thanks
  6. Which SOL would these items fall under? Ohio SOL Oral - 6 years Written - 15 years Promissory - 15 years Open-End -6 years 1-We just found a 3 year old credit report for my husband and it is showing 1 bad check/bounced with NSF and was never paid. It was in a collection account on the older Credit Report. 2-A Medical Bill that was turned in to a collection company. Never Paid. 3-Old Phone Bill that was turned over to Collection Company. Never Paid. 4-Public Library Fee that was turned over to Collection Company. Never Paid. None of these are on his current credit reports. We have current copies of all 3 CRA and none of the above are on the CR's. What we are concerned about is the SOL on these items. We do not want to ignore them and find 1 or all going to Judgement against him. Any and all help would be great. Thanks
  7. Hello All, I am new to all of this and was wondering if anyone could direct me to a web site that has the Ohio State Law and the SOL. I have a Student Loan that was originally due and payable in 1989. The loan was in California but I now live in Ohio so I would like to see what the State Law here says about this type of loan and the SOL on it. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the response Recovering Attorney. Most of the Credit Card Debts are between 5 and 6 years old. They are still showing on the credit reports but most are scheduled to be removed in 2005. The credit report is showing so many different things for these accounts. It shows a 30/60/90/120 and turned over for collection dates. How can I tell which date to look at for the beginning of the SOL time? In Ohio it states SOL as: Oral = 6 years Written = 15 years Promissory = 15 years Open End = 6 years Which one of these is for a Mastercard/Visa Credit Card account? Thanks
  9. Hello all, I live in Ohio. My husband and I were having major financial problems for the past 4 years and are just now in a possition to start clearing things up. We have several MasterCard/Visa accounts that have not been paid on for over 5 years now, a judgement from a repssession that occured in 2001, a few old utility bills and 2 accounts for bounced checks. We want to try to settle as many of these accounts as possible. I have been reading several different items about the Ohio laws and Debt Settlement. I am not certain if I am understanding the laws correctly. For example: We owe Chase $5000 and offer to settle at $3000 with them clearing our credit rating as Paid As Agreed, can Chase then come after us for the remaining $2000? We are vary confussed on this issue. If there is a signed agreement I don't understand how they would be able to not legally follow it. Any and all help would be great. We do not want to do all this work and find out we should have hired and attorney or gone through bankruptcy instead. Thanks
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