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  1. I'm actually afraid it will start screaming at me at the mall.
  2. I have asked many, but they have had bad experiences, too. I'll keep contacting and asking other friends and family.
  3. That's the question I've had all along. Seller said he had recently heard (HERESY, of course) that his realtor has a shady reputation for 'back room deals'. I don't know if Seller's agent was trying to acquire the property through a third party or what. I don't know if there have been complaints about the agent to the realtor board. I'll just take reassurance in what you said about the amount of influence the Seller's agent has. Nope, they have been pretty disappointing from the being. I suggested to my agent a few weeks ago that we change lenders even before this.
  4. Yeah, small town politics at it's worst. The seller has STRONGLY requested that he and I stay in contact because the seller's agent will not return his calls nor does she keep any type of regular office hours. I know this to be true. The seller says he does not even know how much commission his agent is suppose to get nor exactly what he (the seller) has signed to date. At this point, the seller says that he wants another agent because of the blatant stalling and lying by his agent. He says, however, that he is afraid to sign anything else because he has been in the dark from the beginning. FYI, I have NOT divulged any information to the seller that would compromise this transaction. To complicate matters, this home was put on the market because, according to the seller, he decided "at the last minute" to move several hours away. That deadline is looming.
  5. SELLER'S agent is actual want to acquire the property. BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST, and has done many things to try to make the deal fall apart (like not ever putting the home in pending status, not depositing the earnest money until forced to do it, refusing to respond to the SELLER nor my agent, missing deadlines outlined in the contract). We were set to close on a particular date. The SELLER'S agent called my lender (the day before closing) and from that moment, the lender 'needed more info' from me. I provided this info. I spoke with lender and let them know the SELLER'S agents actual motives. Another closing day was set. MY lender and the SELLER'S agent talked. More of my personal detailed information was disclosed to the SELLER'S agent. More info was requested from me. I submitted it. Another closing day was set. It's come and gone. We are now in limbo. I'm trying to find out what/who agency governs privacy in lending. SELLER'S agent told the seller that since we did not close on the original closed date, that that makes the contract null and void. Is that true? FYI, I do have an good agent who is going-by-the-book.
  6. How much of the BUYER'S loan information should THE BUYER'S LENDER disclose to the SELLER'S agent?
  7. Greetings, It's been a long time since I have had a credit card, so bear with me ... I would like to apply for a credit card, however, this card would need to be used for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Can anyone suggest a card that will not require that I use the card on a regular basis. Perhaps this is unrealistic, but per my first statement, it's been a LONG time since I had a credit card. FYI: my credit is good. Thanks in advance.
  8. Congrats, congrats, congrats! All of your hard work and patience paid off. It is indeed time to celebrate!
  9. Can anyone recommend a good, reliable company for homeowner's insurance? I have a quote from the company that insures my vehicle, but need a few more to compare. I am in Alabama. I'll thank you in advance.
  10. Which come first, the inspection or the appraisal? The first lender that pre-approved me said that the "appraisal and inspection are ordered within the same 10 day window". The current lender that pre-approved says "inspection ALWAYS come BEFORE the appraisal". What do you think? Caveats?
  11. 55-60 houses? If you are serious, I'm glad to live in a small area with fewer choices. I TOTALLY agree. It can be an emotional rollercoaster.
  12. I could not in touch with "my" agent. I have not heard anything from her in a week. She had a family emergency. Perhaps. I started calling around today to find another buyer's agent. "Mine" is STILL MIA. Anyway, told the new agent about the property. We had a long conversation about her style and mine. She quickly emailed me several reports such as tax evaluation, sales information, square footage, building materials, comparable market analysis. She sent me comparable properties she recently sold in the area this property is located in. She asked me to take note of the list price and the actual sell price. I did. So far I'm impressed. I will call her tomorrow to go over the reports. I'm actually getting excited again. @JQ26: a $3,000 job? I'll come and do it. Of course it might become a $6,000 job to fix what I break!
  13. This is an excerpt of a conversation I had with an attorney today ... Me: Do you know of any good, honest realtors? Him: HONEST realtor? No. There is no such thing. Me: That's the pot calling the kettle black, huh? Him: Heyyyyy, that's not fair. Both: Lolololol
  14. SOME realtors, I should say. Is this a conflict of interest or just business as usual? Saw a property I am interested in. Called the seller's agent and was shown the house by her. I told her I was interested in the house. During the showing, she was trying to sell me a home that she (the seller's agent) owned. Isn' t this a conflict of interest especially if you are the seller? Or perhaps I'm missing something ... ?
  15. Yes! This is exactly how I think an agent should function! You are very lucky to have found someone with the audacity to be unapologetically bold. I think it might come to that. My latest realtor has been unreachable for the last few days. Family emergency.
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