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  1. Update: I called AT&T to sign up for U-verse and I don't have to pay a deposit or even provide a debit/credit card. I was nervous about doing it but by the time I started getting nervous the sales rep was setting up my installation time. I really don't know if they checked my credit but I am hoping the fact that I currently have my home phone/DSL with them and never paid the bill late may have possibly helped me.
  2. I am assuming they may ask me for a deposit and I don't have it right now but I am also not in a hurry. I can wait a couple of months, and I don't owe them any money from the past so they may just charge me the deposit because of the BK. I am also not really looking forward to paying a cable bill.
  3. No I don't owe them anything and they are not on my credit report.
  4. I was discharged on 6/2/08 and I am need of cable. They will have to check my credit but I am wondering if it is to soon. What do you think?
  5. There are some lawyers that advertise on 105.3. I have even called them to just ask some questions. Here is their phone number 1-800-843-3647.
  6. Ok, I'm thinking that I better take it back. To be honest with you everthing that I purchased from Nordstroms was not necessary. They could object to the whole thing. I used it for emotional spending. I also used my firestone card but that was for tires that were extrememly necessary and my state inspection.
  7. Thanks for all or your responces. I can say that I did go to Nordstroms and purchase a handbag and then I was advised to stop paying by lawyer. Therefore after purchasing handbag I will not be making a payment. Should I return the handbag?
  8. I believe that the 90days applies to credit card usage. Since I had credit card usage the day before retaining the attorney they told me to wait 90 days.
  9. I spoke with a lawyer and she recommended that I close my checking account and get another one somewhere else. She said that they can try and get their money out of my checking account.
  10. What could I ask them? I would really like to keep this card, but I don't waste my time and and money paying them off only to have them cancel the account.
  11. I completely understand. I am trying to get a handle of how this whole thing works. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I was really hoping that you would not say that. I have been with them for over 15 years and I have checking and my son's savings account there and my debit card.
  13. I have another question. I have my checking account with BofA and I will also have a credit card that will be included in my bankruptcy from the same institution. Can the fact that I am going default on the credit card affect my checking acccount?
  14. Maybe I missunderstood. Do you have to no credit card usage for 90days prior to filling?