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  1. Update: I called AT&T to sign up for U-verse and I don't have to pay a deposit or even provide a debit/credit card. I was nervous about doing it but by the time I started getting nervous the sales rep was setting up my installation time. I really don't know if they checked my credit but I am hoping the fact that I currently have my home phone/DSL with them and never paid the bill late may have possibly helped me.
  2. I am assuming they may ask me for a deposit and I don't have it right now but I am also not in a hurry. I can wait a couple of months, and I don't owe them any money from the past so they may just charge me the deposit because of the BK. I am also not really looking forward to paying a cable bill.
  3. No I don't owe them anything and they are not on my credit report.
  4. I was discharged on 6/2/08 and I am need of cable. They will have to check my credit but I am wondering if it is to soon. What do you think?
  5. There are some lawyers that advertise on 105.3. I have even called them to just ask some questions. Here is their phone number 1-800-843-3647.
  6. Ok, I'm thinking that I better take it back. To be honest with you everthing that I purchased from Nordstroms was not necessary. They could object to the whole thing. I used it for emotional spending. I also used my firestone card but that was for tires that were extrememly necessary and my state inspection.
  7. Thanks for all or your responces. I can say that I did go to Nordstroms and purchase a handbag and then I was advised to stop paying by lawyer. Therefore after purchasing handbag I will not be making a payment. Should I return the handbag?
  8. I believe that the 90days applies to credit card usage. Since I had credit card usage the day before retaining the attorney they told me to wait 90 days.
  9. I spoke with a lawyer and she recommended that I close my checking account and get another one somewhere else. She said that they can try and get their money out of my checking account.
  10. What could I ask them? I would really like to keep this card, but I don't waste my time and and money paying them off only to have them cancel the account.
  11. I completely understand. I am trying to get a handle of how this whole thing works. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I was really hoping that you would not say that. I have been with them for over 15 years and I have checking and my son's savings account there and my debit card.
  13. I have another question. I have my checking account with BofA and I will also have a credit card that will be included in my bankruptcy from the same institution. Can the fact that I am going default on the credit card affect my checking acccount?
  14. Maybe I missunderstood. Do you have to no credit card usage for 90days prior to filling?
  15. If I understand this correctly, I should not waste my time trying to pay them off. I was really trying to keep this card in case of emergency.
  16. I have a very small amount that I owe on my Best Buy card. If this is paid off prior to the attorney filing my bankruptcy, do you think that they will still close the account?
  17. I thought that the attorney's have to wait 90 days to actually file. Can you give the creditors the lawyers info after you initially retain them.
  18. disney

    late payments

    I contacted all of my credit cards and had them remove my work number. I figuared that it would be easy to get it done since I am not late on any of them. I also checked to see when my earliest credit card payment is due and it is 9/29 and the rest follow for the first and second weeks in October. I am trying to get the lawyers their initial fee asap so that I an avoid the calls all together.
  19. I am going to stop paying my credit cards because I am about to file Chapter 7. I don't have any creditors calling yet because I don't have any late payments. My question is when will the calls begin? Do you they usually wait until you are over 30-60 days late or do they usually send letters first. THis is the one thing that I am not looking forward to. Unfortunetly they have my direct line at the office and I was even thinking of contacting them in advance and removing my work phone number, by stating that we are not allowed to have personal phone calls. Please help
  20. I plan on filing Chapter 7 and my question is do I have to inlcude all of my credit cards? I have Best Buy and Firestones cards with low balances that can be paid off since I won't be paying on the other cards. I also have a BofA credit card and this is also where my checking is and even though I have a 1300 balance I would like to keep it and pay it off also with the extra credit money. I am currently paying on 13 credit cards and I have not been late on any of them but I am having to use them to survive. Also I am really not looking forward to the harrassing creditor calls but I am hoping that I can have the money to the attorneys by mid-November and I will begin to stop paying my credit cards in October. Any advise you can offer will be greatly appreciated.
  21. I would love to be able to get a part time job but I am a single parent with a small child. My son already spends his days in daycare and I don't want to have to take him to another in the evenings and weekends.
  22. Thanks for all of the wonderful advice. I will need to keep checking this page to keep myself on track and in check.
  23. After discovering this board and purchasing my first home I was able to increase my FICO from 620 to 742. I only had one major credit card and of course when my credit started to get better I began to apply for more credit cards. I now have every major credit card and a couple of dept store cards and I am in major debt. I messed up my credit because I am to the limit on almost all of them. I have never made a late payment on any of them but my FICO has now gone done to 615. This is totally due to my over usage of my cards. I only have 3 major cards that I have not used but I don't even know how long that will last since I basically use my paycheck to pay the credit card bills but I use the credit cards to survive. This is one vicious cycle that I have put myself in. I really don't want to go to the credit couseling or file bankruptcy because I don't want to make my credit any worse. Even though I am barely surviving here I made a vow that I would never make a late payment again on anything and I have been very successful in doing that over the last several years. I have read the Suzy Orman and Dave Ramsey books to also seek some advice. Does anyone have any advise for me?
  24. I received a letter in the mail from Target letting me know that my card is being upgraded to the Target Visa. I have two cards, and I have never used either one of them. I got the first card in 2004 and the second in 2006. I thought that I was going to faint when I read it. Another strange thing is that when I called to check on this they said that my credit limit on this same card was decreased from 500 to 200, in January but know it is being changed to the Visa card with a 1000 credit limit and a lower interest rate.