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  1. Just checked my application status online for the orchard card and got approved for the silver with a $500 CL...yay!! This is my first CC in the rebuilding process
  2. Hey everyone....i have a question...i'm trying to get some lines of credit now and i was wondering if i would be able to reopen this crap one acct that was actually charged off by them...they have been lately sending me a lot of offers in the mail to get a credit card with them (i get at least one a week) and i'm wondering if i offer to pay them what i owe them (approx $1500) would they reopen the account... my fako scores are very low 600's so i'm wondering if they will let me do this or if its a lost cause....
  3. I know you guys know them well...Ok, I have somewhat of a long story so bare with me....I basically am about to go to medical school in the fall and got a military scholarship for would think yay!! (b/c that is what i was thinking at first) but they are going to run my credit...which is a bit here's the deal: I had a credit card in college from Crap 1 that I've been having difficulty paying...I haven't made a payment on it in now years...the balance on the account is about $2100 (it says on my credit report that i guess at the time of charge off it was at $1500). Of cou
  4. i'm thinking about writing a pay for delete letter.....i don't know if its going to work though... lemme tell you what Cap1 did....when I sent them a validation letter, they sent me their 'validation' back without any proof....the letter said the proof was enclosed with the letter, however it wasn't....i disputed with the CRAs and it came back verified....i dont' know what to do with these guys.... what has your experience been??
  5. I'm relatively new in trying to clean up my credit I have a few questions..... I want to take advantage of CHOD, but I am not sure about how to write the dispute letter and whether I should DV some of these things....HELP!! NCO (Verizon bill) $24 Verizon made a mistake when signing me up with phone plan, overcharged me and supposedly fixed the problem, however, they claim I owe them $24…. Judgement (Citibank / Forster & Garbus) – Settled this judgement…..they vacated it, it shows up as a judgement Citibank – shows up as in collections…..same debt that judgement was vacated.
  6. Hi all.... I just want to thank everyone for their help in here.....a lot of my questions have been answered and I feel like I have hope of getting out of this rut. Ok, so I had a judgement entered because of I didn't appear to answer the summons. Thing is, I recieved the summons (the summons was back dated by 2 weeks) on a Friday and went to answer it on Monday, but the lawyer representing Citibank (who I owe the money to) did not finish filing the necessary paper work so there was no index number for the case. I was given a number by the court to call back in order to get the index number an
  7. Hi, I recieved a letter in the mail from a lawyer (which is acting as a CA) showing that they have a judgement in their favor as well as photocopies of supeona's that they sent to 30 banks in New York City barring me from accessing my funds....I want to know if there is a way that I can postpone this from happening....I'm thinking about putting in a motion to vacate....if I do that will I be able to access my money?? Help please!!!!!
  8. I'll call the court tomorrow and see if I could get a lawyer. Problem is, I really can't afford a lawyer for this matter. Is there any ways that I can solve this situation myself? thanks a lot for your help.
  9. Hi all.....Friday morning on my way out to work I found a random paper wedged in my door and it was a summons. I was never handed this paper at all and it was dated February 7, 2005 and Friday was March 18th. It told me that I had 30 days from February 7th to answer the summons but they didn't serve me until March 18th. Shouldn't this be in violation of some law???? By the way I DVed the lawyer which is also a CA and they didn't give me all the proper documentation necessary for them to validate that I in fact owed them anything. I don't know what to do now.... HELP PLEASE!!
  10. also, i'm not even sure whether it was sold to them or if they were collecting for Citibank...the letter they sent me is really ambiguous....
  11. the debt was just turned over to the CA (therefore its definitely still with SOL)....i think the CA is just trying to scare me....
  12. Ok, so my account with Citibank was turned over to a CA. The CA said if I didn't pay them in 30 days, Citibank would take me to court. I sent a DV letter to the CA, but will Citibank still take me to court? I'm kinda confused right now....
  13. Ok, so I just sent out a DV letter to a CA today. I want to know what's next? Should I start contact with the OC? This site is great by the way. I am relatively new, but the things that I have learned so far have really helped me. Thanks!