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  1. Anyone with an auto loan that was with ONYX or any other company that Capital One has bought needs to check their credit reports. Capital One bought Onyx in the fall of 2005. My auto loan has been paid off since December of 2005. This past week my Onyx loan was listed in the negative columns of my reports with the CB's. It stated in the "creditors statment" that my loan was "purchased by another lender". Remember: 1. this change happened this past week 2. Capital One owns Onyx 3. This account has been paid and closed since 12/05 with no negatives 4. Capital One continues to attempt to tan
  2. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind when I get new contact info. -Cory
  3. To add to this. I came in at 715 three months ago from 530 a year ago. I not have 0% interest on most of my credit cards; down from 29% and I was able to do 100% financing on a new home over $300K below the average rate. Prior to this (even as 650) I was struggling to get my credit card APR down. It's tough to clear your credit but worth it. And it's really easy to screw it up. I was at a baseball game last night and saw people lining up to get a free t-shirt when they apply for a visa card. Inquiries are the worst. Send me a message with any questions. Good luck.
  4. Be very careful about this because when you call Capital One to make a payment they will transfer you to OSI. They refer to OSI as their payment center. Deal with any payment like this with Capital One the same way you would deal with a collection agency. I did not know OSI was a collection agency because when I called Capital One they automatically transfered me to their payment center. I paid a small debt I was not aware of (not my point) and it went right onto my credit report after it was paid as a paid charge off/collection. When I called Cap 1 to remove it I was told that they will n
  5. I just canceled Privacy Guard. I had to demand my membership canceled over and over for 8 minutes. They did not want to do it.
  6. I don't understand, you work at a bank. There's not $1600 laying around that you can pay this off with. Issue yourself a new card and transfer this balance or take it out of your closing contingency every day until its paid.
  7. Since I resolved my problems with Cap1 they send me offers at least twice a week. I finally read one yesterday offering a credit line up to $3500 and a minimum of $250. The small print on the $250 stated that if the minimum amount was approved a annual fee and processing fee and one more fee would be applied and at the time of card issue the available credit line would be $75. They are such scumbags.
  8. the utility will not open an account without your SSN and local banks won't preapprove without a pull. I've tried.
  9. They do all get pulled through a bank. What you need is major cards Visa/Master, AMEX. Banks see you as more of a risk when you take out store credit cards. It would be much better to make your purchases with the Visa/Mastercard or AMEX and get rid of the store cards altogether.
  10. I have seen so many questions on how to remove inquiries, myself being some of them, however i wanted to list some ways to avoid inquiries: 1. Do not apply for store cards offering 10% off purchase 2. Do not apply for credit cards online or through the mail. Many of the cards that you can apply for are actually through services and will be sent to a number of banks, which means a number of inquiries. 3. When you move, do not give your SS# to utilities. It is not required. Gas, Elec, Phone addup to 3 inquiries. Add your mortgage/rent pull and your at double where they should be per year.
  11. Question: Is your Home Depot credt card through a bank or through Home Depot? If it's through a bank, you're okay. If you are through Home Depot, you are doing nothing for your credit but hurting it. Scoring and banks look at store credit cards that you do not have enough money to buy a $1500 tool, suit or whatever and that you needed to finance it. Store cards are loans. Bank cards are revolving credit.
  12. New ones for me. All FICO: EX - 790 EQ - 736 TU - 722 > fu peoples energy