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  1. I have searched all over the forum, however I cannot find a thread that discusses this topic. Can someone point me in the right direction, as Experian has sent a response for refusal to investigate. It has been more than a year, since we disputed items on this report. Suggestions?
  2. BV80, You have been a great help! I will keep you posted. It's funny though, how TU deleted. That's what usually happens but this CA is standing their ground.
  3. BV80, It states "they don't have to validate.....30-day deadline was missed". I get that now. The letter only says to contact to office to arrange payment. and will still report to the bureaus.
  4. I know, but the state of Indiana requires a license and bond. I bought this up after I discovered this. Are they "legally" allowed the collect without a license in Indiana?
  5. I'm in Texas but a family member lives in Indiana. They asked for help on this.
  6. Scenario: CA pops up on credit file. Send DV and dispute with 3 bureaus. TU deletes the account immediately. Still waiting on other 2 CRAs. CA sends 2 letters, stating that because the request was not done within the 30-day time frame after receiving their letter, they don't have to validate and will still report. CA is not licensed or bonded in Indiana. Can they legally collect? Can they report to CRAs? Checked Indiana debt collection laws and found this: (Please see attached document). Does this mean that the CA does not have to validate this debt because of failure to respond within the 30-day time frame of their letter? Without proper validation, how are they allowed to report to the bureaus? Aren't consumers allowed to ask for validation? Is that not our right to receive it? Thanks in advance! INDIANA COLLECTION AGENCY BONDING and LICENSING REQUIREMENTS.docx
  7. @1stStep....Thank You! Who should I file a complaint with? Should I send a letter to the CA stating "they are not licensed in the state" as well?
  8. So, after researching the rights (to collect/validate) on IN.gov, this CA is NOT licensed in the state of Indiana. That doesn't surprise me, considering the 2 responses they sent. Where do we go from here? Thanks in advance.
  9. Relative is in Indiana. Is there a link that lists CAs licensed there? Texas' SOS site has an easy way to locate licensed/bonded CAs. Point well taken. So let me get this straight, Even though we requested validation, they do not have to provide it, per FDCPA?
  10. Thanks for the response. I understand about the "30-day" rule. My point is that the CA is stating that they don't have to "validate" because it wasn't not requested after their letter was sent. As far as CRA issues, I was under the understanding that without proper validation of a debt, CA cannot report debts to the bureaus.
  11. It's been a while since I've been on this wonderful site. I ran into a problem with a family member. Here is the run down: 1. A validation request was sent after the initial 30 day period. CA entry popped up on credit report. 2. CA responds by saying they do not have to abide by the request because it was requested after the 30-day period. "We will continue to report to bureaus...." I was shocked, to say the least of their response. As a consumer, are we not able to request validation at anytime, regardless of when we ask? This CA is not even licensed in the state. And, you would think they would gladly supply the info to avoid any legal ramifications. Again, it's been a while for me and the "DV" section of this site speaks only of the "initial 30-day period", unless I missed something. Sorry If I did overlook it. I think this CA is begging for an "ITS" letter but I need some guidance before we jump the gun. Thanks in advance!
  12. hendu

    Bank Statements

    turns out you were right! Thanks!
  13. My construction-to-perm loan is in underwriting. They have asked for bank statements. I have a small NSF on there. Do they hold that against me? Will they ask for a LOE? Thanks in advance! I've come so far, do want anything to stop this.
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