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  1. Did you dispute all of these trade lines at the same time? If so, that could be why they all came back verified. I would suggest that you challenge only 3 at a time, and most. Also, it would be helpful to know how old/new these trade lines are. Are any of them more than 4 years old? Were it me, my next course of action would be to request the method of verification, I haven't been on these boards in quite a while, but if the law still holds true (someone else can chime in here) they must furnish you with how they verified, including the names and numbers of the verifier. Hope that helps.
  2. The discount code I received today is FICO4148, it gives you 10% off on the myfico.com website. You can always call them up and tell them you ordered a report last week and want to check the progress and was wondering if there is a discount code you can use. I ALWAYS do this.
  3. I sent the online statement for my loan with the Department of Education. The government still owns my loan, and I pay my account online. I printed out the statement for the current month and sent it to the credit bureaus. My statement shows the total amount due, past due amount, late fees, etc. It also states the term for the forbearance (delayed payment plan) so they could clearly see that the lates they had recorded conflicted with the dates they had marked late.
  4. I agree with this, I always initial my letters in cursive, first - middle and last, but do not sign them. This has always worked for me. Also, as a graphic designer, I know how easy it is for someone to scan a signature.
  5. I didn't negotiate the consolidation dates, I negotiated THE DEFERMENT DATES. You can also probably negotiate the dates for a forbearance, and that would work as well.
  6. There is hope, I'm living proof! I actually had the fortune of having all of my student loan lates removed by sending the CRAs a copy of my online statement. My dispute claimed "this account was in deferment, therefore no payments were due, please correct this error. I have printed out a copy of my online statement for your advantage". The online statement lists the starting term, and the ending term, of the deferment. And showed a past due balance of zero. I believe this worked because I had my loan consolidator to pre-date the deferment, so they actually set the date starting two years before it actually had. This meant I would have to pay a bit more in interest (but my loan is so large, it didn't matter) and that was that. I must admit, I was shocked that the CRAs did this (all of them removed the lates). And it was recent, just a few months ago.
  7. If your credit card balances are showing at zero, that could be the problem. You should have some small amount on there. Be sure not to pay off the full balance. That may help. leave bout $10 on there.
  8. Just send a copy of the agreement and the cashier's check receipt to the credit bureau, and you should receive your delete.
  9. Reminder, ALWAYS mail with receipt, be sure to get a signature via certified mail or CMRRR
  10. Are you actually calling a 683 Equifax score "in the toilet"? This is a good score, and when averaged with the others you'll still be near 700
  11. wunderwoman

    Hey HOMEY

    If by homey you are referring to Charles, I personally know that he is out of town at the moment. You may want to post your questions so that someone else may be able to help you.
  12. Yes, this does work and is legal. And it does cost your mortgage broker to expedite this process with the CRAs. Go to the "Mortgages" board, and you can find more details there. The moderators of that board can tell you specifically how this works. There is a program called "Rapid Rescore" that Charles mentions in this thread http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=31038
  13. I can't believe they would report such a huge loan as revolving credit. You should contact your loan officer to see what you can do. That really, really stinks. I'm looking to do an 80/20 soon, and will be sure to find out if this is the case before signing on the dotted line. I think they must be reporting just the 20% as a revolving line, since it is technically a "Home Equity Line Of Credit" Maybe your loan officer can help you to change this to a Home Equity Loan instead. This is good for all of us to know!
  14. Transunion didn't add it to experian, what likely happened was they asked the Student Loan Company to validate the account, and in the process the Student Loan Company updated the account with all bureaus that they report to. It is very possible that this account will also be added to Equifax. Student loan lates are fairly easy to verify, as records are kept very well by the lending agency. You may try to contact your loan company directly to see what they can do.
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