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  1. Also, just FYI... if in Texas there is more protection for the consumer regarding the 30 day validation period.
  2. RedDog... I used to live in OKC. Your name makes me giggle! TeeHeeHee
  3. wunderwoman, You have so much respect from me. It's been hard enough cleaning up after my own stupid past mistakes, I cannot imagine cleaning up after scoundrals like you have had to do. Good Job!!!
  4. That is correct, if they do have the required bond registered with the state of Texas - they have no legal right to collect in this state. I am not sure of the best way to take advantage of this as I haven't had the opportunity to do so myself, but that sounds like a good idea. You may want to wait for some more experiences opinions though.
  5. If this is in Texas... The Secretary of State will issue a certificate of no record at your request, this shows that a particular collection agency is not bonded in the state as per the states requirements.
  6. And Yipppeee! I just got my secured card in the mail today.
  7. I've since found that all three bureaus, I get the same message.
  8. I went back to myfico and tried the other two bureaus and got the same message. I have no credit score! All that is left on my reports (after going through the DV process with three bad TLs) is a couple of positive accounts from over 10 years ago. I guess this is just not enough to base a score on. I've got a nice new secured card on the way, so I will check back after they report and see what happens. Thanks for all of your help.
  9. Well I went to myfico and got this message... We regret that we cannot provide you with your FICO score report as your report at TransUnion does not meet the minimum scoring criteria. Your credit card was not charged. Hmm. So, in response to what you mentioned earlier... When a creditor pulls TU, they do not get the credit score directly from TU? I am a little confused about credit scoring now. Can you point me to a thread that covers this topic in detail?
  10. aha, interesting - I'll go to myfico and check it out, thanks! On the credit score page that TU sent it says: Factor 1: Too many recent collection inquiries: Consumers with recent collection agency inquiries are more likely of future delinquency.
  11. What a let down. I got my TU report in the mail and my credit score is in the mid 500s. My FAKO score was reporting in the 700s. I know that the FAKO is not usually accurate, but I never expected by 171 points. I have no derog TLs listed, but there are two collection inquiries in the last 3 months and TU shows this as the #1 factor that affects my score adversely. One of them is from CA - after I sent a DV request to them recently they removed the TL and sent the account back to the OC. The other is from Arrow and I have no idea what that is for (although I believe it is from WAYYYY back.) What is the best starting point to try to remove these inquiries? Dispute with TU? Send a non-PP? ... or is this a hopeless situtaion?