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  1. I am writing this in regards to my parents...they are desperately in need of help. Here goes.... My parents are in a significant amoubt of debt, like $60,000. Collection agencies are hounding them like crazy, and my mother just received a summons to appear in court,filed by a collection attorney(amount $7,200). My parents own their home free and clear and have a joint checking account. My parent's income exists of Social Security Disability(both receive it),and my father gets a small retirement pension. The debt my mother is being sued for is in her name only(OC-Discover). She had sent a validation letter to the collection attorney-they sent a response saying they were going to contact Discover to validate...and then she was slapped with a validation. Is there best recourse bankruptcy? I have been searching the internet, and have found websites that claim credit card debt can be legally terminated altogether. Are there such legitimate companies that can actually help with this? My parents live in Maryland...can creditors force the sale of their house or take it..or can they just put a lien on it? Also, can they freeze a bank account which consists of Social Security Disability income only? My understanding was that creditors could not touch that....unless I am wrong... Please, Please help me.....I need answers for them...Thanks!