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  1. Is it possible to ask that positive credit history stay on my reports and not automatically roll off ?
  2. Anyone can buy a Home Warranty at any time. The company I use is American Home Shield.When you purchase a home you can request that the Seller buy one for you....and if that doesn't work get one yourself !
  3. The other situation I have to deal with is I am under a court order not to dispose of any marital assets. I have been posting here about my husband who says I committed BK fraud. Well now he is claiming all furniture is his. I really cant continue with costs of lawyers......Sooooo frustrated
  4. The furniture is worth maximum 5000. if i am lucky.Exactly what should my attorney contest? I just find this crazy that after being discharged in December the Trustee just notifies me of this.
  5. The furniture is not worth the money the trustee wants.I used it for several years to furnish rental units,Should I tell him to come pick it up?
  6. I commingled an transmuted funds 4 years prior to Bankruptcy filing with my fiance. I did not declare these funds as a nor as ownership in real property.Have I lost my right to exert repayment ?
  7. I really cant afford another attorney right now.My original schedule had to be amended after I filed in 2005.My then attorney understood that most of the nice things I have in my possession are Family pieces on loan.My 2nd Lawyer wanted it amended because several years ago I was separated from my now hubby.He claimed in the BK court that he owned everything of mine. I realize how insane this reads to you. My then fiance had cancelled checks made out to me for furniture.Our rentals are furnished,,,so of course he had checks. He withdrew his claim in the BK court
  8. You are right. I do not want trouble for him but I signed the returns.....I had to obtain a copy from the CPA who has prepared for him and lives in another state. I did not see the schedules at all.I was faxed several pages to sign and I did.The numbers appeared correct. Now I see he cashed in a life insurance policy.Thus the larger income. He has none of the rentals in this city on a depreciation schedule. We nrver filed together until 2010 (extension)
  9. JQ I think this goes hand in hand with my other post ( husband accusing me of fraud) I do use Pacer all the time. The trustee has had in his possession a list of my assets for years I cant imagine this is fine to do after I have received my discharge
  10. My BK was discharged in December 2011 and NOW the Trustee wants my furniture or 14,000.I am soooooo confused I thought Discharged was the end. Can he really do this?
  11. Seadragon you are right....Hubby is in Costa Rica with his girlfriend.Hmmm a grease gun,
  12. JQ26 Thank you for your response. This substitution is bad...I know. We did not sign an agreement.I do have alot of cancelled checks that went towards improvements. There is a guest house on the property that we used as a rental. We were able to make all mortgage payments from that income alone. I JUST found out that my husband had not been declaring any income at all on his tax returns from several of the rental properties. Now I think he is in a really bad position with the least I hope so.
  13. You guys are great !!!! Thank you for the wonderful advice.......Heading to Radio Shack now.
  14. My husband and I reside in SC. I would be able to record him however I had to obtain a court order to prevent the constant harassment I don't understand why he thinks I have committed fraud. Should I have listed property on the BK filing that was not in my name ?
  15. I have not been accused pf anything by the BK court yet.My husband is threatening me so that I will not receive any proceeds from the sale of our home, Unfortunately I am noy in a financial position to hire an attorney.