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  1. Try, they approved me and the wife only 4 months post BK. Had to be a 2000 or newer, less than 70k miles, but could be from a dealer or individual. We applied at, they referred us to, and they put us with Hope this helps!
  2. does loans for private sellers, dealers, and non-franchise dealers. One month post BK7, they approved us for up to 15k, with an interest rate of 16% for up to 72 months term. We had to purchase a 2000 or newer car with less than 70k miles. I searched around and this was the only place that would finance a private party car or non-franchise dealer car....hope this helps.
  3. Damn! Which credit union is this? Did you actually get APPROVED for your $5k Visa?
  4. Well, Just wanted to give you an update. We are going to pick up the car on Friday. Like we said before we had to pay 30% down but when I talked to the loan officer today she said that we could reduce our rate if we applied for a visa and a credit line. I said ok. She said "well, I have already pre approved you for a 5000.00 visa and a 200.00 credit line. I dont guess that too bad being maybe a month since discharge.
  5. A month out of BK7, and mid 500's on our credit scores...and we got approved for 15,000, a 2000 newer and model vehicle from a dealer or private party. We applied with E-loan, they referred us to, and then Road Loans sent us to approved us. Give it a shot!
  6. Well, it's about the sam, we applied jointly and filed BK7 together. When they pulled all 3 CR's, our average score was 542 We got approved for a 1995 model Lexus, 13.5% interest for 48 or 54 months, it's our choice. But again, with $3,000 down. Apply for a loan through eloan, they will forward your loan to other lenders. They first fowarded us to and then Roadloans forwareded us to that does private party loans. I talked to and they approved us for up to $15,000 for 48 months with a 16% interest rate. I could buy from a private
  7. Nevermore, you are exactly correct. We are less than a month post BK7 and we got approved through my wifes credit union for $10k on a 1995 model car, but they require a 30% down payment I've looked at,, etc. Just do a search for bankruptcy + auto loan and you will find companies that will find a car within "their network". I found a place here in Georgia that will finance you no matter what, provided you pay $750.00 down and they charge you 28% interest
  8. WoooHoooo.... We got approved throught the credit union. The only stipulation they had was that we have to pay 30% down. Well, thats one bridge crossed now on to the next...
  9. I'm in the same boat, I'm looking to get financing for a 1994-1997 model car, but would like to purchase from a private party and not a dealer. I'm getting tons of offers for new cars from dealers, but that's not what I want. Almost every "bankruptcy" friendly lender will only finance through their "network of dealers". If you find a lender that will lend for vehicles purchased from private sellers, let me know!
  10. The car is priced under KBB and NADA, I prefer not to go to a dealer. My wifes credit union is looking into it for us, it's not a bank. They do not have restrictions on "year" and "model" as far as I can tell, you get approved for an amount and terms based on your risk factor. If i was going through a dealer I would have no problems...the car I want is not at a dealer.
  11. Sorry for sounding like an a-hole, but I didn't ask you about your opinion on the car I buy, I asked about our "chances" or other sources for private party auto loans. I'm so tired of people putting 1% into answering questions and the other 99% into commenting on something that has nothing to do with what I asked. I would rather have a well built older car that some of the shiny new junk that's being put out. I'm selling a 1997 model car to purchase another one, what business is it of yours.
  12. We are trying to get a vehicle loan for about $9,000 to purchase a used car (1996 modelish) from an individual. My wife applied for a loan through her work's credit union. We keep getting letters in the mail about new cars, but we want a less expensive car but would rather purchase from an individual rather than a dealer. Any ideas how we will do with the credit union? We just got our discharge papers for Chapter 7, but didn't include our vehicles and have always paid our car note on time. If anyone has an opinion or another company that we can finance a private party car from please let
  13. I have seen those. I dont see one like I am looking for, but thanks.
  14. We signed up for privacy guard on and looked at all 3 CBs. To my suprise our FAKO scores and were "fair" on two of them and "poor" on one...630, 596, and 585. On the lowest ones, we had some items that were incorrect, mortgage amounts were wrong and some things were listed as "charged off" that were we may have some room to bump the scores a little. We are also gonna write some goodwill letters to have some things taken off like late house payments and some other misc stuff. I was shocked at the scores being as well as they were, what does everyone else think? We
  15. I would like to see a sample as well. BUMP