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  1. I need some advice and to rant a bit. Last year in April I closed my sorry Capital One account because I was finally able to get better cards. Around November I got a bill for nearly $200 for late fees, member fees, finance charges and an unknown charge. I immediately called and told them something was wrong. They had me fill out fraud papers even though no charges should have even been possible after the account had been closed for so long. They tell me the account will be $0-ed out and closed again. Great. Next month I get another bill. Same thing, nothing fixed. Call again and told
  2. I just did this with Citi and noticed no overall negative impact, however the inq's were offset by my new utilization. Your score might go down due to increased utilization, but I don't think the fact that they were only open for a short while will hurt.
  3. Yeah, I agree if you got the options page, 99% sure you are approved. Wait a day and apply again. Some people have gotten instant approvals after getting the wait and see message.
  4. I didn't think that closed accounts counted against your average age. My scores have gone up since these cards have reported. Now I just need to get some bumpage on TU!
  5. You know what else is scary....that picture Chase is using. That thing freaks me out!
  6. They definitely don't pull anything and they were very easy to deal with.
  7. Here's a link to other people's experience with this method.
  8. I have a Bank Of America Power Rewards and have been very happy with it. I am also pretty happy with my Amex and they do seem to accept it at most places.
  9. Thought I'd share this on this board, many people have had much luck with it on other boards. I just did a quick search and saw nothing about it so here goes: Step 1 - Apply for Citi Premier Pass. It seems to be pretty easy to get and they are giving high CL. Step 2 - Wait 24 hours and apply again. Most people are getting approved for 3-4 cards instantly. (Pull TU in IN) Step 3 - When you get the cards call and combine them all into one giant account. I have done this for myself and my wife and I cannot believe how easy it was. The CSR was extremely nice and it was all trouble free to get
  10. Are they still offering free money? If someone wants to get credit for the referral send me a link. Thanks for the op.
  11. Well if you had all those inquiries removed it would help considerably. When the bumpage kicked in on my TU report I saw a 30 point increase on my FAKO. I also had some judgments removed but didn't notice an increase because they were already 6 years old. You'll notice big jumps if you have any collections or late payments you can get removed. Good luck!
  12. I did the same thing because I did not want to work with the disrespectful people at the CA. Sent the check to the OC, who apparently then sent the check directly to the CA even though it was made out to them!
  13. I had many things on my report that were being listed twice. After sending a letter, all of mine were taken off. Sometimes the easiest route works best. (although not usually when dealing with the CRA's!)