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  1. i have had my citi card for over a year now. original credit limit was $5000 i think. then i asked for a CLI and they gave me $7500 total. i was happy with that. anyway, i logged in this morning to check on it - and i notice my credit limit is now are $13,100. they almost doubled my credit limit! i was shocked! is anyone else being shown some love?
  2. i bought my first house in 2006. i lived in it for the 1st year, and the home is currently being rented out. I would like to purchase another house - but wasnt sure how hard or difficult it is to get financed for another mortgage.? my scores are high 600s, low 700s. no negatives on my credit report and have about $30,000 credit limits on credit cards, with a balance of $7000 or so on said cards. any tips or ideas on how i could pursue this?
  3. i applied for Airtran Juniper and got that, but was denied the Seamiles one. cant figure them out!
  4. I owe about $3600 on my suntrust acct. i have had that acct since 2006 or so. they have very fair with automatic CLI - never asked, they just gave. CL is now at $6500 (after i asked for my 1st CLI on Friday, they gave $500 CLI) same day, i requested a CLI from my citi card (thanks krash - lol). had that card for two months, they started me at 5900, then on friday automatically granted a $1600 CLI. Citi is offering a 0% for 12 months on transfer. i am paying 8.9 on my suntrust. would there be any negative effects if i transferred the balance to citi? i do like my suntrust card, just dont want to pay that rate when i could do 0%. i dont want to make ST mad and get my CL reduced or anything. do they do that - lol. would you transfer, or leave it as is and continue to build the relationship with each card?
  5. ha - updated! when citi is giving you so much luv, why does hsbc think their pennies would be helpful? LOL!
  6. yea, i would end up telling hsbc to go away! i am gonna fire a card.... i think juniper. its one of my lowest limits - and highest apr.
  7. i only have one citi card. wasnt sure if it was worth applying for another or not. and if it is worth it, which one? decisions, decisions.... lol
  8. holy cow! i have only had them 2 months, and i did what you said Krash. Automatic Congrats - you are approved for $1600 CLI. new CL is now $7500! rock on! thanks for the info Krash!
  9. wow - congrats krash! what was your CL at first? i just got the Citi Platinum Select a couple of months ago, CL of $5900. wondering if i should apply for another citi card....i know its too soon for me to ask for a CLI. lol i would like to dump juniper and maybe even target visa. i dont ever use those. congrats on your CLIs! you rock!
  10. my scores are right around where yours are. i recently applied for a citi card (within the last 2 months) and they gave me $5900 limit. i thought that was generous - lol. i am not sure who would offer $20K limit. amex maybe? good luck finding a card
  11. krash - that is weird - and sorry that happened to you. i have never had a problem with them - but then again it might be because i started with a checking acct and savings with them 10 or 11 years ago, then got a mortgage with them, then the credit card. so maybe the just like me since they know ALL my business with that many different accts with them.
  12. when i first applied, i was in mid 600s. now i am 683 up to 748 between the 3 bureaus.
  13. i applied with them in 06. it was a $2000 CL or so. i had gotten a couple of CLI after that- but within the last year, i have been given the following CLI without even asking: June 07 = $500 CLI Sept 07 = $500 CLI Nov 07 = $1000 CLI Jan 08 = $500 CLI April 08 = $500 CLI apparently they like me! like i said, i have never asked them for a CLI - it just shows up every few months or so. if you are looking for a good prime card - i suggest Suntrust if they are in your area.