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  1. Thanks Obxdude! And congratulations on your credit report cleanup success!
  2. That's pretty awsome Obxdude! Care to post the letter you sent those companies? I was thinking of using the same method to get some inquiries removed but I'm stumped as to what to write.
  3. I can't find the discussion boards on the True Credit monitoring service anymore. Does anyone know if the boards are no longer offered on TrueCredit?
  4. If you have ever included Citi in a BK or charged off on them they will never approve you for their credit card products. I found this out the hard way. After 10 years they still have me blacklisted even though I have great credit now. Citi has a memory like an elephant.
  5. I just came across this article describing some new credit scoring products that will report payment histories beyond what the 3 major CRAs now report. FICO is offering what it calles a FICO Expansion Score Other companies will provide information on rent payment history, utilities payments and banking history are Anthem, PRBC, and eFunds. From my understanding, the PRBC score is consumer driven - that is, the consumer signs up for the service and pays all bills through them. Over time, steady, on-time bill payments establish a payment history used to calculate the score.
  6. I was able to sign up for Walmart's TrueCredit for 7.95/mo. without spending the initial 29.95 for the 3 in 1 report. Here's how to do it: First go to the (NOT the walmart site) At the bottom right of the screen, go to "Other Credit Report Options" and select "personal credit report at no charge". You will then be presented with a list of situations that would qualify you to receive a free credit report. Select the option that applies to you. (I was denied credit by citibank recently so that's what I chose). Fill in your personal information - leave the credit score and d
  7. Wiil TrueCredit still work if you have activated a Fraud Alert with all three CRAs?
  8. I tried to have Dell remove some late payments with a goodwill letter - they wouldn't budge even though the account was paid in full before the term of the loan.
  9. That's funny. I was able to pull fresh daily reports until I requested the fraud alert so I thought the fraud alert was the cause. I guess I'll be getting the same notice in the mail soon - I'll be cancelling as well.
  10. I've recently activated a fraud alert with the 3 CRAs. Does anyone here know if this affects my Privacy Source 3-in-one reports? I haven't seen the shortcut to request new reports for several days now - I only see the shortcut to view past reports.
  11. Congratulations you did the right thing. I had the same exact thing happen to me 2 weeks ago - not at Subways though. I got the card back and thought nothing of it and now I am suffering for it. They cloned my debit card and charged hundreds of dollars over my checking balance during the weekend before I caught it Monday. BUt wait it gets even better! The bank did not close my checking account after I reported it and seized my entire direct deposit paycheck today to cover the overlimit amounts and fees! So I've been victimized twice - once by the credit thief and once again by the bank!
  12. Hi everyone, I applied 4 times yesterday and TU is already showing 4 separate inquiries. I hope Privacy Source b**page will remove them eventually. Beware!
  13. Got a letter from MCK saying that they have closed my account because they could not charge their monthly fee to my credit card. No request to call them to resolve the issue or anything. I think I'll just let it go - MCK isn't worth it any more.