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  1. The program is too good to be true and I am gald that such a program exits. I am currently building my home through NACA with a 5.25 interest rate in TX. There were no income or location requirements. I am just waiting on my home to be completed so I can close. I also got the builder to give the preferred lender incentives because I was approved via Bank of America. (Generally, the only give the incentives if you go through their lender) It's on an honor system. However, considering that they provide you with such a great interest rate I find that it’s just a small price to pay. A person spoke
  2. I guess that is my question. If I pay it will it item be reported as a paid collection after the payment is recieved or if I dont pay it then it would be a slight chance that the item will be reported as a unpaid collection. Or could I put some type of disclaimer on the payment to not have the item reported on my CR. Does anyone have an answer?
  3. I have a small phone bill about 3yrs old that I have not paid. The item has been transferred to two different CA that has showed up on my CR. I have been lucky and I disputed them both and they have came off. This is now the 3rd CA and I want to pay for it so it wont keep popping up on my CR but so far this Collection Co NCO has not reported the item. They sent me a settlement ltr to pay $117 which is a 50% discount. Should I pay the item and is there some type of disclosure or letter that I can send with the pmt saying that once the payment is received they cant report it or somthing like tha
  4. I have a charge off from Conn’s which is reporting as a Charge Off as Bad Debt (Profit and loss write-off) The amt is 2,231 and the debt is 3 yrs old which is within the SOL in TX. They are not calling me or sending any letters, however I just want to see what is the best way to settle the debt in order to obtain a mortgage loan later this year? I have disputed twice and it came back verified and I cant DV because it is an OC. A girlfriend who use to work for them stated they will settle for 50% but won’t delete. Please advise because I do understand that an paid collection is just as bad as u
  5. This happen to me and I disputed both accounts at the same time indicating that they are duplicates and should not be reported and both were deleted.
  6. I checked my CR today and found out that Allied Int Collection is no longer reporting on my EX CR but it is on TU and EQ. The funny thing is I was going to ask the board on how to handle this collection but know I am even more confused. This is an old Orchard card that was charged off which I now have a new Orchard card. I disputed with CRA that I have a current account and I dont have a CO and the OC (Orchard) is no longer listed. I just found out that Allied re-aged this item and TU has 10/20012 as the date to come off report. 1) Do I dispute and DV? 2) What do I do about the reaging?
  7. I currently have been with my bank for about 3 years and I like that fact that they are open 7 days a week, offer overdraft protection and secured loans that report to CR. However, I would like to buy a home at the end of the year and I want to know it is to my advantage to establish a relationship with a CR not to mention I am currently doing credit repair. I am looking to open an account with first community CU in TX. 1) I was thinking about opening an account with the CU to obtain credit but does this matter if your credit is not that great. 580 avg scores 2) I have less then 1 year to pay
  8. I changed telephone service and moved about a year ago but I just received a letter last week from CA. I am worried b/c Allied just purchased a larger collection about 2 months ago and is reporting to CA and and if I contact them they will report the smaller debt as well. I will DV and dispute the larger debt (which is another issue) but I dont wont to have an issue with the smaller one becuase I can just pay the item. I am not sure if I can contact OC becaue it was AT&T which was purchased by SBC which is my current service provider
  9. I have a collection for $69 from Allied Interstate that is not reporting on my CR and I just received a letter. I simply forgot about an old last telephone bill. If I pay will it show up on my CR? I am trying not to have a new collection.
  10. If people with bad credit are more likely to file a claim then place more weight on how many claims that person has filed. People like me get the short end of the stick. (Bad Credit Person) I have never had a ticket/accident or claim and when my insurance co went to credit scoring my premium went from $92 to $127 and I have been with them for 5 years. The worst thing it makes no since to leave because since I have been shopping for new ins co the rates have came back the same.
  11. I applied online and they sent me a letter in the mail to pay the $30 annual fee in advance. I believe it indicated that is was a rebuilder card in the letter but I dont know my CL. My FAKO on EX was 606 but I tried 6 months ago my FAKO was Mid 500's and I was declined.
  12. I started deleting my old address with EX and they would not delete any of my old address that were tied to a TL. I disputed because a NEG TL was tide to my CR which was truley someone else with the same name. The funny thing is they would not delete the address until I got proof that this was not my account from the CA. They only deleted the address after the TL was deleted. I currently have a TL tide to wrong address and they wont delete the address because the TL exist. ? ?
  13. I just experienced the same problem with experian. An account is tied to a wrong address and they wont remove the correct old address or incorrect old address if it is tied to an account. I think that this is their way of verifying collections as well. The rep at Experian told me that she wont remove the tradeline as long as the account is on my CR. Let me know if anyone has an answer to this problem.
  14. I know this is long I am sorry but..... I recently sent a dispute to experian explaining that this debt belongs to a different person with the same name but different middle names. (found out once I researched) The other CRA removed item except Experian. I also called the CA and asked why did they verify wrong info and they stated they didnt they told CRA that it was a different person and the previous address was also different then my previous address. The problem is I have several different names variations and address on file with experian. I previously disputed personal info online but
  15. But I havent gotten to this step in the DV process. I was wondering what dispute type do you state when you do the initial dispute to the CRA after I have recieved my green cards back from the CA. I have already used not mine in my previous disputes w/o a DV letter which came back verified. Now that I am doing the DV, should I continue to use not mine or state something wrong within the tradeline. I will then do what you instructed if the CRA verify the dispute
  16. I have disputed a collection item twice on my CR as “not mine”. The first time the CRA waited 30 days and it came back verified. The second dispute came back "previously verified" in less then a week. ( I did this before joining this site) I am now submitting a DV and I would like to know what reason I should put on my dispute after sending a DV. I was told that I went wrong by putting the same reason on the second dispute. However, isn’t the purpose of a DV is to not pay an item if the CA can’t provide proof of the debt? Therefore, something like "item already paid" wouldn’t work. So what sho
  17. Both Bally's and Conns are OC therefore I cant DV. However, I am getting conflicting replies as is the same by reading the board. 1)If a consumer cannot obtain a PFD, (sometimes it's best not to awaken sleeping giants), it is much better to let the lender force you to pay off derogatory accounts at closing. Dont you awake the sleeping giants if you are sending a letter to obtain a PFD and wont you get a high interest rate at closing or not approved? 2)If they all stay on the report, he will be looking at paying a total of 6200 to satisfying the lender at closing time. That's a lot of money to
  18. I began my credit repair about 1 yr ago and this is my story. I have disputed every item at least twice and I have 9 neg items left on my credit report which is the most neg of the three CR which ironically is not my worse score. I didnt find out about DV until after I disputed he items twice and the same items have came back verified and later previously verified or verified again so I am scared to dispute again because the 5 CO are verifying and updating monthly. The items below are on my CR. 1 late pays on car note (current for past yr) loan ends 12/06 1 Foleys current/was 90 late once a l
  19. I have read the information about TU "Refuse to Investigate due to 3rd party..." however I didnt get an answer as to what to do if they sent an updated credit report with "previously verified" I recently submitted a second round of disputes to the CRA and I received a new credit report with a cover page of their findings. Transunion said that two of my disputes were PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED which indicated to me that they did not attempt to investigate. I am not sure if I disputed the item twice with the same reason. I would like to know if I put a different reason would the CRA investigate the ite
  20. I recently submitted a second round of disputes to the CRA and I received a new credit report with a cover page of their findings. Transunion said that two of my disputes were PREVIOUSLY VERIFIED which indicated to me that they did not attempt to investigate. I am not sure if I disputed the item twice with the same reason. I would like to know if I put a different reason would the CRA investigate the item are will they send a letter they will not investigate if they feel that I have disputed two many times? This is my second time disputing the item in 6 months.
  21. I defaulted on my student loan in 1999. The loan was paid by Tx Guarantee. on Dec 1999 and I have since paid off the loan. I disputed Costep the org lender as being passed the seven year term and it came back verified with the CA and the remark now states. Remark: Claim filed w/gov for insured portion of balance on loan. Acct status: closed Amt 0 and within 2yr history Charge off 4/2000 I called Costep and they stated that they have a paid off loan and it will come off the CR on 12/06-7yr mark What does that remark mean and is this account considered a paid off collection? Thanks in advance
  22. I am trying to repair my credit. I only have two active items that I am now paying on time for the past year and I have several old collection items that are from 2 to 6 yrs old. I am not paying the 6yr old items but I dont know what to do about the 2 to 5 yrs old items. They are not pursuing any law suits and I have already disputed the items that will fall off. I am trying to find a way to increase my FICO and I have gotten conflicting advice. 1. I was told dont pay and wait and maybe try to dispute later. 2. Negociate and pay a decreased amount and asked for the item to be deleted. 3. If I