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  1. I have, but I'm dissabled, and was able to take advantage of total dissability, took a doctor's signature, and filling the form out twice, but was well worth it for me. That's $10,000 I don't have to pay back....(The original loans were 5,400) so the fees doubled for me.
  2. Really ?! Where did you find out about that? I'd love to read up on that one. I already closed the Visa a long time ago just kept the M/C because, I guess.
  3. Even if taken in the most harmless light, this is minor BS. HOWEVER....knowing FP and the bottom feeders that they are, you just KNOW they're going to tack on their "monthly fee" or the "prorated yearly membership fee" on to everybody's cards on like July 2nd or at the very least before FP gets around to closing the account or opening the letter stating the consumer doesn't agree to the new terms, and claim that as "usage and acceptance" of the new terms since it's card activity. I can see it coming already. So, what is my best option here? I really want to be done with FP, still owe 450 on this account, and I believe it charges it's anual fee in Oct, but need to check on this one. It's been my plan for some time now to get rid of this one, However, it is one of my oldest tl's so I've kept it for that purpose alone really. It has perfect payment history and open since 10/01 I'm really half tempted to let the FTC know about tem attempting to get consumers towaive thair rights, but we all know that won't do much.
  4. Hmmm, I did, but it didn't come back with any more options. I thought of that, some keyword to get to an agent. I'll try again on this one. Thanks for the input.
  5. Well, through technology Experian has once again removed the human from contact. I just had an old Net 1st nat bank Master Card change from positive to negative, though it's been cosed and paid since 2002. ?! Ok, I tried to call EX, and could place it in dispute,however there is no option for a human. I believe Kim Huges helped me with my PG&E account and I was hoping someone might have her regular phone line, or at least a vm number I can leave a message on. Or a number I can actually talk to a human? On the good side, it does seem their new IVS is quite good at understanding and processing disputes. I will have to see how his one gets handled through that system. It was actually able to pull up and relate information on past disputes, current information etc. It really is a nicely done IVS as they go anyway.
  6. I love it! Public Shaming... What are we? in the stone age again? looking for public drawing and quarter ....THanks, I kind of needed that one... not even sure why it was so funny, but hey, I'll take it rignt now Ok, so I won't worry about the suit now, since the BK will be filed soon. THe lawyer is paid and ready to go, just need to sign off and get it filled. Thanks doc
  7. OIC WOW! it seems like serious dirty laundry info. There is nothing on his CR's yet, other than the CO. He didn't actually see the notice. what does this do for the chap 7 filling, that he just retained the lawyer for. Is there actually a default judgementlisted already? I mean he hasn't been served anything yet. The bigest concern here is in a small comunity, everyone knows everyone. That seems above and beyond harassment, slander or even liable since it's in print. At the very least defamation of Character. What do we do about it? if anything.
  8. We were at my SO's parents house today. It was mentioned by a friend of the family that they had seen his name in the news paper, Citibank is sueing SO for $XXXXX for breach of contract. Is this legal ?! Apparently our local paper lists things like this for everybody that is late on payments or somehing? Isn't that like a major 3rd party disclosure ? Seems to me like it violates just about everything. Especially since he hasn't been served any papers yet. I guess it doesn't really matter, because of pending BK 7 but that just seems wrong. Of course if she had seen it, I'm sure everybody in this small town has sen it, and the buzz continues? It amazes me what level these slime balls go to to embarass consumers and harass us.
  9. Especially concerning is regarding the "New Cell phone area" NICE! .>>>> NOT! :'>
  10. *** NOTICE OF CHANGE IN TERMS *** Your credit card agreement will be amended as set forth below. The EFFECTIVE DATE of these changes is July 1. 2005 The changes are as follows: ***The Arbitration Location and Procedure provisions are amended to delete JAMS/Endispute as a national arbitration organization under which a party may file its claim. All references to JAMS and/or Endispute in your credit card agreement are deleted. Neither you nor we may file a claim with JAMS/Endispute. ***provisions regarding Visa and MasterCard procedures for foreign currency transaction processing are clarified. These provisions are also amended to provide that the 1.0% fee applicable to foreign currency transactions will be charged separately by us rather than included in the Visa or MasterCard foreign currency settlement. The paragraph in your agreement entitled “Transactions in Foreign Currencies” is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: “If you make a transaction in foreign currency, it will be converted into U.S. Dollars, and you agree to accept the converted amount. Visa USA Inc. or MasterCard Intemational, Inc. will use its currency conversion procedures in effect when processing the transaction. The currency conversion rate will be a rate selected by Visa or MasterCard, as applicable, from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate Visa or MasterCard itself receives, or the govemment-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date, in each instance, plus a foreign currency transaction fee of 1.0% of the transaction amount. This fee will be paid to us and applied to all transactions posted to your Account in a foreign currency, including all purchase transactions, cash advance transactions, ATM transactions, and returns and adjustments (e.g., for returned merchandise). The currency conversion rate used on the processing date may be different than the rate that was in effect on the date you conducted the transaction. We do not set the currency conversion rate, and we do not receive any portion of it. We do, however, receive the 1.0% foreign currency transaction fee.” new section regarding cellular telephones is added to the “Other Terms and Conditions” section of your credit card agreement. This new section provides as follows: Cellular Phone: If you provide a cellular phone number directly to us, or place a cellular phone call to us, you consent and agree to accept collection calls to your cellular phone from us. For any telephone or cellular phone calls we place to you, you consent and agree that those calls may be automatically dialed and/or use recorded messages. If you do not accept the changes, you must, not later than 25 days after July 1, 2005, notify us in writing at First PREMIER Bank, Correspondence Opt-Out, P.O. Box 5517, Sioux Falls, SD 57117-55 17, we must close your account and you can pay off your balance under the existing contract terms. Use of your card after July 1, 2005 is deemed to be an acceptance of the new terms, even if the 25-day period has not expired or even if you have previously notified us that you do not accept the changes. CITOJOJ
  11. NO! Verison Wireless is a joint venture with Verizon Communications and Vodafone. Cingular now owns AT&T Wireless, and SBC is purchasing the remaining AT&T, or trying to
  12. I have to wonder if MBNA isn't doing funny business here... I mean isn't the account actually discharged in BK? I'm asking because my SO is filling BK on MBNA, and I was AU on the AAA Visa. They tried to place it on my CR and I put a big stop to it, right off. I had to remind them that AU didn't mean responsable. If this account was discharged in BK then I'd contact the BK lawyer and bounce this one off of them. Please let me know further on this, is concerning me greatly now.
  13. oops, didn't really see everything in the report... I'm running a bit tired today.... No, if they are positive, kep them... and they stay for up to 10 years. Not a bad thing, per se anyway.... if they are neg they need to be removed. WHat cought my attention, was the date of report, or status.... so check there... unfortunantly, EX doesn't show the dola clearly. Do you have any info from that time frame when you had the accounts? that might give you the DOLA. Otherwise I'll try to help pick apart what I see... but better not while I'm so fatuiged right now
  14. Ok, ther is a lot there, but I'm going to offer a place to start anyway...... Pretty much a lot of tese are way past the 7 year reporting time allowed by the FCRA. Anything past 7 years (anything before May 1998) should be gone! Dispute them as obsolete and they should fall off. Which cra is this on ? was this all on one report, or combined from all three? You might want to get started pulling all three current reports to see where you are. Dispute with the cra's "obsolete" and most will drop easy enough. After that, wait the 30 days and see what's left. In the mean time, read up on things on this board, and get your next planed attact. You wat to check out the sections on DV, and disputing. but start with the oldies first.
  15. I think $20 or $25 for a CLI. they used to review on their own and offer a CLI, but they still charged me the $25 to do it. They just want their fees and more fees.