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  1. Thanks for the tips. It looks like I'm just screwed.
  2. After having some pretty bad credit problems because of immaturity, stupidity and a job loss, I had some accounts that went to collections. Providian went to Asset Acceptance, Best Buy/ Household went to Sherman and Cap1 went to Northland. My problem is that I paid or settled them all without getting a deletion. So now I have three paid collections on my hands with two OCs with chargeoffs. I guess I need to know the best way to get the OCs off my credit report. Is this a case of just writing the OCs, explaining my situation and praying that they agree to a deletion? Any advice or even contacts for nice folks at Providian, Cap1 and/or Household who might be able to help me out? Anyone have any advice on how to handle a request for deletion with the OCs? As for the CAs, I settled with them pretty recently and it was just a guess, but they will probably validate and verify if I challenge them so soon, right. Or am I wrong? Has anyone had success DV and disputing with Sherman and Asset right after a settlement? Thanks for reading...
  3. OK, now these fools have me really upset. They have responded to the Ohio AG with a completely different printout of my alleged debt. Then they tell the AG that they have validated and verified with me. Oh yeah, they chaged the amount owedfrom $404.97 to $299.98. And they changed the number of charges. Now they say I have one charge for $199.99, but my total owed is $299.98. Where did tht other $100 come from? What gives with these people? Yet they want to say they have exhausted all attempts to collect this debt. Sorry just wanted to vent. I'll leave them alone if they don't report to the bureaus. But if they do, then I'm suing everyone in sight.
  4. Don't forget, you can call the FTC and ask for advice or make a complaint. 1-877-382-4357. They even give you a reference number to refer to if you call back.
  5. On the legal assistance sticky in the Collections forum, a lawyer at says: The Fourth Circuit has held that "verification of a debt involves nothing more than the debt collector confirming in writing that the amount being demanded is what the creditor is claiming is owed; the debt collector is not required to keep detailed files of the alleged debt." Chaudhry v. Gallerizzo, 174 F.3d 394 (4th Cir. 1999); Stonehart v. Rosenthal, 01 Civ. 651, 2001 WL 910771 (S.D.N.Y., Aug. 13, 2001). So then all this talk about payment history and needing signed agreements is wrong or what? Because I have demanded payment history, documents where I agreed to this debt and proof that they own the debt. According to this, they don't have to supply that information. But then again, in one of the FTC letters, it says that verification of the debt must be obtained from the creditor. "Mere itemization of what the debt collector already has does not accomplish this purpose." What do you all think this means? MDub
  6. I'm new, but I can answer this one! Write the CRAs and get it deleted. Two reasons: 1) Not yours and CA refuses to validate. That should do it. And as long as it is disputed, the mortgage company should leave you alone about it. If you need help on how to do it, go the the debt validation portion of the site. They have great letters. MDub
  7. They are listed by a CA as an OC, but i've never heard of them. The address is 1733 H Street, Ste. 330-735, Blaine, WA 98230.
  8. It's $405. I'm writing the CA again with a reminder that they are violating the FDCPA by not sending me the verification info I have requested. If I really owe the money, then I want to set something up and pay it off. But they won't even tell me what its for. If they don't respond with the info I am requesting then I'll just take it to a lawyer and collect money from their violations of the FDCPA.
  9. So I have already filed complaints with the Ohio and California attorneys general and the FTC. Then CRB sends a printout (to the wrong address -- I got it a week later than I should have. I should have sent it back RTS) that doesn't list the services, doesn't list the date purchased and nothing saying that I agreed to the charges. Two days later they send another letter, this one saying that they have exhausted all their attempts to satisfy this debt. My next step is to start filing court papers, right? I have an appointment with an attorney tomorrow, but I really don't want to do this in the courts. Why won't they just send me the proper info? Should I give them another chance to validate the debt? Maybe if I write a real nice letter and make it sound reasonable? (Look, would you send someone $400 for a debt you never authorized?) Or could I do this on my own? Do I send them a letter saying that they have violated the FDCPA and can send me $1,000 for each violation or do I simply let the lawyers handle it? Thanks for the advice so far!
  10. Hi. You all have been plenty helpful so far and I could use your help again. CRB (Credit Reporting Bureau) from Ohio claims they bought a debt from a place called Horizon. My first notice of this was a letter they sent in January. I received a phone call that week from someone who claimed the charges were for a 900 number made on my cell phone. Well that's impossible since you can't call 900 numbers from my cell phone. I sent a validation request (and a request that all communication be in writing), very similar to the sample found on this site, to CRB and heard nothing from them until mid February. A CRB employee called me, saying that they had received the letter. He said that if I didn't pay them by the end of the day they would report this to the credit bureaus. Again I asked for validation, he refused telling me that I knew what the debt was for. Then told me that the debt was for a 900 number and then he claimed it was for internet service. When I asked for more information, he hung up on me. So it seems that they have violated at least one part of the FDCPA by calling. I assume that if they report it to the bureaus, they would be violating another part of it. What would you all suggest I do? I don't think they have reported it to the bureaus yet. And I don't want them to. Do I write the company again? Do I send a preemptive letter to the bureaus? Do I file a claim in small claims court for FDCPA violations? Do I get an attorney to sue them for violating FDCPA? Any advice would be appreciated. BTW, does anyone else have experience dealing with CRB? MDub
  11. I just received a settlement offer from Sherman on this account. More than 50%, which I am going to take. Does anyone think that they will negotiate a deletion with this settlement? Any advice before I make contact with them? Thanks.
  12. So was that just a bump or are you saying hi to someone?
  13. If you can get me those numbers, I'll appreciate it. So BB won't talk once its turned over to Sherman? Or will they? If they won't, that means at best I'll get a deletion or R1 from Sherman and the BB will remain on my report? Well that's better than nothing. What was your luck negotiating with Sherman for a "Paid as Agreed" status? BTW, the extra fees Sherman is charging... is that legal if they have bought the debt? Should I try to settle for the entire amount I owed to BB? Thanks again.
  14. OK. I'm trying to pay off a $1,200 debt where the OC is Best Buy/ Household. The OC has charged off the debt and Sherman is collecting (I am in the process of validating, but don't know if its been bought or just collected. Couple of questions: 1) Sherman is adding $100 or so to the original debt, claiming interest and fees. Is this legal? I may just pay it to save the headache and get them to go away. 2) When I do approach them to pay the debt, should I approach Household/ Best Buy since they are the original creditor even if they have already charged off the debt? 3) If I do approach Best Buy/ Household, has anyone had any success getting them to change the report to "paid as agreed" ? Any help would be appreciated. MW