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  1. What I think often happens is LVNV will pay plaintiffs a pretty good sum to settle out of court and sign a non-disclosure agreement. I know that if they paid me several grand to shut up and go away, I'd do it. Everybody has their price.
  2. It says "no new applicants," not necessarily "no more upgrades"... but I agree that upgrades are less likely than ever before.
  3. USAA has opened many of its services to all, including those without family military affiliation. You do not need military affiliation in order to get the credit monitoring service. Click on "Other Individuals" at the link below: https://www.usaa.com/inet/ent_utils/McStaticPages?key=why_choose_usaa_eligibility_main&wa_ref=wcu_main_is_usaa_for_you
  4. Yeah, Unique is a tough nut to crack. They will not do a PFD and will usually verify disputes, especially if the debt is unpaid. Some have gotten them to delete a year after payment. My girlfriend had to deal with a library collection they were handling. She paid the library directly about a year ago, and Unique updated to "paid collection." I've told her to dispute in a couple months to see what happens.
  5. Maybe you're joking, or maybe I could have worded it better: the CLI was $200. My limit was $2700 and is now $2900.
  6. Requested and received a $500 CLI on my credit union Visa earlier this week ($1500 -> $2000), now that it's at the 6-month mark. It cost me a hard pull, though, so I won't be doing that again for at least a year.
  7. Nope - I only make electronic payments to Merrick, yet they still hold them whenever they feel like it. I blame their general sleaziness.
  8. I'm aware of all of this. However, Merrick remains the only card issuer of mine that has ever chosen to exercise that option. I can understand it if the payment amount is over $1,000, or if I have had payments rejected in the past. Neither of these things were true the last time they held back my available credit a month ago.
  9. I agree - I think we'll see another extension, but it might be the last one. Even with all the stimulus/recovery spending, this won't go on forever. An extension would be good for me, because if I end up buying my current rental from my recently deceased landlady's estate, I'm not sure we'll be under contract by 4/30.
  10. Again, you only need to be under contract by April 30th to get the tax credit - not closed.
  11. Orchard waived my $59 annual fee permanently last year when I asked. Bank of America refused to waive my $29 annual fee a few weeks ago. "Well, that is what you agreed to when you signed up." I fired them. An $800 CL with no rewards program and no prospect for future CLIs doesn't do me much good when I have other cards with four-digit limits and no AF.
  12. Latest news I received from Target: REDcard rate jack from 22.99% to 25.24%, effective 1/27/2010. And to think this card was at 19.99% a year ago...
  13. Orchard gave me a bump from $500 to $700 with my latest statement... wasn't expecting that at all.
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