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  1. I have 18 TU inqs (many from applying for vehicle financing in Nov/Dec '07) and I pull all three reports once a week using TC, but I'm too much of a wuss to do it daily. I feel like having a split file would be a nightmare to fix. If they're not going to factor into my score after a year, I may just wait it out.
  2. And I've never carried a balance, yet I got the CLI to $500 after three months. Your mileage may vary.
  3. Yeah, I'm with both of you - too much of a risk to use it irresponsibly on regular basis just to get a CLI. Once my scores are all well into the 600s, I think I'm going to try for WaMu, since they seem to be granting high limits.
  4. What do they mean by "regular utilization"? 30-50%? Like a few other people here, I got my card in late December, so I figure I'm not due for a CLI yet. With a 23.2% APR (but no annual fee, thankfully), it was my intention to never carry a balance on the card. I'm at 93% utilization on a $1500 CL right now, because, well, Stuff Happens... but I PIFed after my first two statements with utilization no higher than 60%, and I will be throwing money at it for the next couple of months while it sits in a drawer for the time being. It's my only card that's had a balance.
  5. I don't know whether this is a good thing. Target has been an easy rebuild card, but I think that may change in the current lending environment if the investors have any say in it (and I expect they would, given it's their money). I just got my bump to $500, but after this news, I'm not going to hold my breath for a Visa conversion.
  6. Third statement became available online for me today - with a CLI bump to $500! Woo-hoo!
  7. I had a similar problem with GEMB during my January app spree. Applied for Old Navy and they pulled TU, my worst... approved. After several approvals, I figured I'd press my luck and went for IKEA. They pulled EQ, which was my best... denied. Game over. I'm done with apps for at least a year.
  8. There seem to be a LOT of TU pullers in Illinois. What are you thinking of applying for?
  9. It probably varies by state. I have only been a Sprint customer, but in 2001 and 2003 I tried to get a phone with different companies. Tried Verizon first, they pulled TU, $250 deposit requested. Tried Sprint a few minutes later, they also pulled TU, no deposit. The Nextel store (may not have been a company-owned location) where I applied in 2003 pulled TU, $500 deposit. I'm in Illinois, and it seems there are a lot of TU pullers for everything from store credit cards to car loans.
  10. TC allows daily pulls. When viewing your report, choose "Update report" from the right sidebar.
  11. No response to this letter a month after sending it. Mailed this letter to chairperson of credit union today. I noticed that the credit union did a hard pull of my TU report on Wednesday... not exactly sure what's on their mind.
  12. I'm no lawyer, but if they say it's written, where's the writing? Can they produce a document with your signature?
  13. Yep, the Tollway Authority has serious problems with a backlog of violations; it mostly stems from a switch to a different contractor in '06 or '07. The Daily Herald recently published a series of articles about it. I, too, find it odd that the rental car company is trying to collect. But it could be worse... unpaid tolls can increase to a maximum of 70 bucks a pop, so at least they didn't let the clock tick for a while after getting the paperwork.
  14. Has it really? I especially keep hearing this about the PA Turnpike, even before E-ZPass, but I have never personally known anyone or read a messageboard post from anyone who's actually gotten a timed ticket for reaching a tollbooth "too quickly." Here in Illinois, the executive director of the Tollway Authority has explicitly stated that they will NOT do this, fearing a backlash and people getting rid of their I-PASS transponders. Illinois DOES, however, use this to calculate travel times and feed it to the media for traffic reporters.
  15. I got a statement from Target today, too, but it's my first one. My question: Does everybody have an identical billing cycle? I know some companies do things that way, others don't.
  16. I have a car loan with CitiFinancial also, and it looks like they won't take credit card payments. They can use a debit card, but they will process it over the ATM network instead of the credit network, presumably so they don't get hit with merchant fees. You can try it, but I doubt it will work... plus CitiFinancial charges $14.95 for online payments. No thanks. If it's a credit transaction and not a cash advance, you'd have the grace period.
  17. I think I'm going to start doing the same, except I'll take the 1% rewards check instead. My rent alone is a shade over $10K/year, so that'll be $100 back in my pocket. No annual fee on my Hooters card, but my rate is 24.25%... gonna make extra sure to PIF that one every month.
  18. Oh, I don't think all lawyers are stupid and lazy--just the ones who work for JDBs.
  19. Or they use third-party collection agencies that aren't affiliated with them at all, e.g. Brachfeld and Associates/Meridian Management Solutions. I made Brachfeld/Meridian go away with a DV letter, though they never actually responded to it.
  20. A credit union is often going to be more fair in their lending practices than a regular bank. I recommend finding one that serves your community. After you join one, you can be a member for as long as you like, even if you move outside of their charter area. But first... If you filled out the FAFSA, as LynnInMn is asking, you should get a financial aid package from the school that will include government-backed Stafford loans at a MUCH lower interest rate than any private student loan you'd get from a bank like Chase. The best part about Staffords: Creditworthiness is not considered, and there's no mess with cosigners. You're old enough to qualify as an "independent student," which will increase the total limit of Stafford loans you're allowed to borrow. I cannot stress this enough: Stafford loans are the way to go. You need to max your Stafford loan borrowing limits before considering ANY private loan. But you need to fill out the FAFSA to be eligible. http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
  21. Available credit trend from TC: Lots of new accounts since late November! The Sterling Trifecta and Hooters have really increased my available credit, even though Target and Orchard haven't started reporting yet. Now I just need to get rid of Asset and LVNV to boost my scores...
  22. Yep, same here. Discover updated its listing on my EQ report today to show that it's now paid off (finally!), and TrueCredit says "New Account" at the top of the alert. I typically ignore the alerts anyway, since they're usually delayed by a day or two, and by then I've already seen the full info on my report (if I pulled one recently).
  23. Well, reporting is voluntary, and not all creditors report to all agencies. Reporting to CRAs can be a costly endeavor, especially for small businesses. I once had a credit card with a small credit union who only reported to TU; they appeared to simply not have a business relationship with EQ and EX.
  24. Yeah, and the PrivacyGuard CSR I spoke with when I cancelled said that credit reports "only update every 30 days." It may be true that their service only allows pulls every 30 days, but we know the truth about actual CRA data here, so obviously take any CSR's statements about credit reports with a grain of salt.
  25. Pulled all three for me. Kay pulled TU when I applied online, which was an instant approval. Sterling pulled EX and EQ when I applied for Jared and JBR... not sure which was pulled for which app, because all the inquiries just say "Sterling."
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