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  1. I have a question. I am supposed to close on a house (past due actually) and the lendor won't close because I have an old account in disputed status. I have called, redisputed and faxed the OC to have them update the comments, but no avail as of yet. They keep moving my closing date bake and repulling my credit unti it updates. I threatened to go to another bank and they said that it is FHA policy and not thiers and that I would have that problem with anyone I went to. What should I do? I cant just keep postponing the close for a month (or however long it takes the status to update if ever). Thanks
  2. This is the best post I've seen on here in weeks. Many people want a quick fix to buy a house that they can't afford. If we don't learn from what got us here, than we don't deserve higher fico's. This should be the first thing that any of these newbies read. Sticky?
  3. Well i hope the $282 was worth it. I am going to close all of my accounts with them and go down the road. All thew would've had to do is send me a bill and I would have paid it. i just don't like the way they took it without asking.
  4. I have figured out a little more. Apparently my wife had a bankone account that was charged off on 3/8/04. Chase apparently bought out bankone. Today they pulled 282.04 from our current account. Why can they do this without notifying us after the SOL. No collections on CR and no judgments. this is the first that I'm hearing of it. They say that they have statements but no signed aggreement. Is that proof enough? I do not get an opportunity to dispute its validity? They say that it is stated in chase's rules and regualtions that they can garnish for any previous debt. After Bank One switched to chase, Chase assumed responsibility and took the money without authorization or notfication.
  5. I have a charge on my checking account that I did not authorize. I called to ask about it and they said that it was an old charged of account from 2003 that belonged to my wife. She never had any other accounts with this bank. And to top it off, it is out of SOL. Can they just pull money whenever they feel like it? We do not agree to the account or the charge. What should we do? thanks
  6. Good luck. Keep in mind that your score will tank if you add a bunch of new accounts. I added 5 accounts and my score fell 50 points due to "too many new accounts."
  7. They sent me a letter saying that my average balances on my creit accounts here too high. All 3 of my cards were above 80% or so, but only for about 3 weeks until I paid the Vegas trip off. There have been no other adverse actions reported.
  8. I have had an Amex card for about 11 months. 2 months ago they lowered my limit from 1000 to 500 because my total usage on my CR went up. I went to vegas and charged a couple of them up booking the trip. I payed all of them in full within a month. My score did drop a little becaus I opened a couple of new installment accounts within the last year (new car, new furniture, signature loan). Amex lowering me was BS. I have never been late and I use it and PIF a lot. My latest statement says that there si an annual fee next month unless I choose not to renew. My idea is screw them. Is closing a year old CC account going to hurt me? I am only losing 500 of available credit. I still have 3000 on 3 other cards. What should I do?
  9. I got a letter in the mail saying that I owed on a traffic ticket from 1999. I don't remeber the ticket, but it may be legit. I was just wondering if there was a sol on traffic violations before I call them. Thanks
  10. The service was originally Time Warner. It changed to Comcast last Summer and thats when the problems started. That is ultimatley why I changed to Directv. I sent some nasty emails to everyone that I could find in the internet with a comcas address. maybe someone will listen. It seems that there have been a number of problems here in Houston since the switch to Comcast.
  11. I have already dispute the validity in writing to the CA. I went by Comcast again today and got the "you need to call the main number, we have no supervisors here that can help with that. I started the dispute with the bbb etc. I hate comcast.
  12. To make a long story short, we had comcast cable service and switched to directv. After we turned our boxes in, we got a bill a month later with about $500 of ppv porn on it. We laughed and figured they must have given our box to someone without taking off of our account. We called, they apologized and said that a corrected bill would be mailed. We have since gotten 3 months worth of similar bills with no adjustment and new activity. I have called and spoken with mangers 12 times and gon to the office twice. They always apalogize and tell me how they see the notes on my account and see the mistake. The manager always tells me that they will personally take care of the problem. Still nothing. Now, we got a collection for the account in the mail for $1200. I am not paying for service that I didn't receive. I have spoken to everyone at the number and can't get the idionts to remove the ppv charges. I don't know what to do next. Any suggestions? Comcast can go to hell!!!!
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    Maybe it was Karma.
  14. I have an old paid CO from First Premier bank for an old card from 2003. They have been impossible to remove. I checked my report today and saw that they are reporting closed/paid CO on EXP and Tu, but are reporting Open /Bad debt placed for collection on EQ. How should I handle this. I have disputed them previously with no luck. Thanks
  15. It shows open everywhere, 3 in 1, myfico, csc....
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