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  1. Hi, I need some clarification please. I have 2 collections accounts from medical records. Each account is for about $120 and listed with HR Accounts. I have disputed with the CRA about 3 times over the last year and a half to get these removed. They are paid and come back as verified every time. The dispute I did last month did not work. Is the next step to follow the 623 procedure with investigating? Do I send that to the CA only? Thanks!
  2. I am in the process of paying all my credit cards off this month. We'll see what happens from there. Thank you for your advice.
  3. They call it an insurance model score but I am always amazed at how closely it mirrors an actual credit score. Each company charges different rates based on their actual claim history, therefore each company offers a different premium. I am an insurance agent and I am always amazed at the differences in price on the same person. Sometimes it just pays to shop around and get the best deal.
  4. I have struggled with my FICO scores for several years and I am finally sick of it. I have not had a late pay on anything in 4-5 years. I have a house, 2nd mortgage and multiple credit cards. I seem to consistantly be in the 630-670 range. I have disputed older items with no real positive success. I need to refi my house so I can do a construction loan and need some concrete help and advice to boost those scores to a 700 over the next month. Without a 700 I'll have to fork over several grand to get my house loan on the secondary market. I know building credit takes time, and nothing happ
  5. I had that same problem with equifax. I pulled my report and took it to my bank (whose name was on the double reporting) and showed them. I disputed with Equifax and the bank was able to fix via the eOscar system. It had to be disputed though becuase they weren't able to just go in an remove it. Good Luck.
  6. TC changed the deal. I found out on Saturday when I went to update. Told me I couldn't update again until January 21. I called TC and told them they changed the deal and to cancel my membership. They said fine - It will be cancelled January 18, 2009. I told them BS - I wanted a refund for changing the deal. They wouldn't do it. I called my cc and disputed the charge. Problem Solved... Where am I going to go now if I want daily pulls???
  7. Funny about Afni. I received a letter from them the other day with my name spelled all wrong stating they were collecting on behalf of quest with a phone number I have never had. We'll see how far this goes but I just sent out the debt validation letter....
  8. Like I said - each company is different and has their own guidelines. Good for you on saving so much though. I switched to progressive because of the savings and that was the best deal around. I am serious though, Give a local agent a chance. When you buy online it may be slightly easier but when you have an accident it is a pain in the butt trying to get to a live person to get things done. Most times the person who makes a commission off of your policy will handle all of this for you. They'll turn in the claim, get you all lined up, rental car, etc... In many cases they may be just as
  9. I am assuming that you live in New Jersey - Try this website and click on find an agent. Of course you can always do what I did and google independent agent new jersey... I don't know exactly how it works in New Jersey but in the states that I work in the insurance companies go back 35 months. A DUI/OWI can be looked at as much as 5 years back but I don't think you said you had any of those. The funny thing is that there isn't much difference in the standard auto policy so it really comes down to
  10. Go see an independant agent about your problems. There are many companies out there that don't surcharge for bad credit. An independant agent can find the best fit for you and they don't get paid unless you switch your insurance to them so they'll work hard to find you the best deal. In the end you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Consider increasing your deductibles too. Also if you have 9 points on your record chances are that you have either had a few accidents in which insurance has paid or you drive wreckless in which case the insurance company figures that they are goin
  11. Great information and you are right, I should keep better records. So I guess I have exhausted the routes of: Not Mine, Never Late, etc..... Is there a web page that offers all the reasons that someone can dispute something on their report other than those?
  12. So would that mean that I should just call experian and ask what reason I disputed for last time and then use a different one this time?
  13. Hey all, I did some searches regarding this problem but didn't quite find the information I was looking for so hopefully a new thread will help. I just sent my standard dispute letter to Experian. I disputed several accounts and today I received my letter back saying that they have already investigated and now I can add additional relevant info which we all know is a load of bs. I haven't sent Experian a letter in several months. How do I go about fixing this issue. Wells Fargo Finance cannot simply keep reporting that an account is in a delinquent status when I has been paid for 3 years ag
  14. I wonder how often they try to use that 45 day rule. I subscribe to the TrueCredit website and do pulls almost daily although I did just recently pull my annual credit report. On this dispute I'll have to see whether they try the 45 day bs or if they stay within the allotted 30 day timeframe.