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  1. legalize weed outlaw credit outlaw insurance
  2. I didn't believe you so I checked the standings. He is 21 which is close enough. Since there are 43, he is officially upgraded to mediocre.
  3. D&D was pulling me back in with Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II PC games, but the one's since haven't been as entertaining.
  4. Graduates of which can advance to the Michael Waltrip School of less than mediocre driving ha ha
  5. Is the existance of an air base in doubt? If we're talking 50's I think its the Koreans and no it seems things haven't been settled yet. I also heard we are paying to help Detroit think up good ideas for their abandonded ex Tiger stadium, another good use of federal money instead of Detroit money.
  6. Ohio's 15 year SOL = no thanks I would move to KS, my wife wouldn't, so here we are arguing about why she would make spaghetti without any bread to go with it....
  7. False, I like it fruity eh, you said stiff TNP has been a bad girl
  8. The US flagged liberty has since been attacked. Looks like that prophecy was as off as the first one ("If he were not president, the pirates would never have even attempted to hijack a US flagged ship").
  9. fire department It was adding the adjective "detention" to camp that makes it bs.
  10. The FEMA camp bs was made up by Linda Thompson of the same anti government group which produced such outstanding citizens as Timothy McVeigh. No truth to it.
  11. They are on a fast track to economic power and dominance, not necessarily democracy. At least the stimulus funds are going towards real federal government responsibilities such as roads and rural fire departments instead of areas that would fall under state responsibilities such as national defense related manufacturing jobs.
  12. I guess some people don't have a sense of humor, this NASCAR joke had to be withdrawn and an apology issued A good April Fool's Day story makes a reader think, "Is this true?" A bad one this year forced one magazine to yank a story from its Web site and issue an apology. Automotive publication Car and Driver did just that after "reporting" on April Fool's Day that the White House told GM and Chrysler they would have to shut down their NASCAR programs. "In a move sure to spark outrage, the White House announced today that GM
  13. Photos of the current eruptions
  14. Look for the "x" at the bottom of the page. That's how they signed their name back then when they didn't know how to spell it.
  15. Yep, he's gone. Too bad, he showed a lot of promise in the beginning.
  16. And for all those Solomon fans... Cut that baby in half and give us each our share.
  17. It's even getting better as time goes on.
  18. Did you try calling a whaaaambulance?
  19. I agree, Sarver has been going downhill. I used to dislike Adam, but he is clearly the best of the bunch in a stacked field followed by the 16 year old. I put Danny third right now simply because he always sounds the same, but he is good.
  20. My computer has had an extremely slow internet connection lately for some reason and doesnt load the page. I lose patience waiting and just turn it off. Aparently I wasn't the only one in an altered state, Paula musta had some good stuff considering she advised the blind guy to get off the piano and do some dancing. I started out thinking ring of fire sucked but by the time it was over I really liked it, but I liked dirty diana too so what do I know.
  21. I liked the girl who got the boot last week. Now Megan is my favorite but I agree she doesn't stand much of a chance against the guys. I was in an altered state but I thought ring of fire was beyond bad a$$ in a Tenacious D kind of way.
  22. Just in time for 2012. Depression, huge spending bill, massive national debt, no win situation in the middle east, nuclear Iran, China and Russia out-competing us for resourses and diplomatic influence, near civil war in Mexico, and now states declaring soverignty. Better stock up on popcorn.
  23. I'm thinking this has been done before which led to the civil war. Is there a difference between declarng sovereigty and declaring independence?
  24. "...the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races." - Harry J. Anslinger - 1st Drug Czar (FDR - JFK) "Casual drug users should be taken out and shot." - Daryl DARE Gates - Former LAPD Chief "In a republic like ours, people often think that the proper response to an unjust law is to try to use the political process to change the law, but to obey and respect the law until it is changed. But if the law is itself clearly unjust, and the lawmaking process is not designed to quickly obliterate such unjust laws, then the law deserves no respect — break the law." - Henry