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  1. bite my lip and close my eyes green day I wonder why the fertilization dr is embarrassed to do an interview?
  2. Way to take one for the "greater good", you know i love you.
  3. What is a three sylable word such as rule monger? Octuplet
  4. It was very good. It is a mini series called the history of drugs. Housewives used to order morphine mail order through the Sears catalog complete with hypo needles.
  5. Just when I resolve to quit touching myself you bring me back in! Bad girl.
  6. Can I have a spanking when your this mad?
  7. False, 401K withdrawal probably = bad news TNP can rotate their right foot clockwise and their right hand counterclockwise simultaneously.
  8. It looks like D is attractively sporting a gym coach whistle.
  9. True I've had 3 incidents and all have been in bad weather. TNP lets the yellow mellow
  10. The history channel had a nice little show examining how and why it was illegalized in the first place.
  11. Didn't the chicken come first and wasn't she crossing the road to get out of Texas?
  12. I guess this means I am going to have to start booing Mark Martin. Bastards
  13. I suggest less projects and more sitting on your a$$, drinking beer, and watching tv.
  14. Who's value sinks after crack addiction? flourescent
  15. Aww, thats just current events / news. It was a bipartisan 59-0 (something like 180-1 if you add the house vote), worse than the USC / OU debacle. Crooks are crooks.
  16. Thats a 3 year old post on ripoff report. Bud Hibbs states on his web page for those dealing with LBN to contact him for attorney referral, so anyone dealing with them might want to drop by his web page to see what he has to offer. He gave me sound direction when I had active cases and pointed to alternate strategies if you can't rely on a 3 year SOL interpretation. I luv Bud (and bud)
  17. True I thought this was the on topic forum and nobody asks any LBN questions anymore. TNP likes thin crust pizza best.
  18. Quality Schmality safety sucks, bust a$$ all year, your bonus $0 bucks.