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  1. Not that I'm aware of (no david's anyway). I only remember his previous post in which he was trying to vacate a judgment. That's pretty good doc, but can you use a past participle in future perfect tense?
  2. Do you have a current case or just the old judgment?
  3. I think your hosed. You would need a motion to vacate judgment and a good supporting reason. Get out the phone book and start calling attorneys. Some won't charge you for the first call or visit. Post back with the answer.
  4. This is what I would do, but I'm no expert. If I had $400. I would offer $200 down and $100 a month (having my second 2 payments already in hand). Considering you are supporting 5 people I think the judge will consider $100 a month more than fair. The current medical bill should include no interest. It will include the bills and collection costs (attorney and court fees). Yes they will get an agreed judgment but not a garnishment unless you fail on the payment arangement. You may be able to work something out with the attorney that as long as you fulfill your agreement, the case will be dismissed, I would explain my situation to him/her and push hard for a dismissal. They will not expect you to show for court. I would still compare my insurance statement against their "itemized bill" and look for errors or inconsistencies.
  5. Ok, I didn't know you were willing to do a payment arrangement. As in my case, the judge will most likely seriously want a settlement persued before he hears the case, in my instance he took us to his chamber. He will make them take reasonable payment arrangements before he files a garnishment. As long as you are willing to pay and offer a meaningful payment plan (not one of those 10 or 15 dollar a month jobbers) he will probably make them accept. My small claims never went on my CR, but YMMV.
  6. Well I don't get the sling shot but I knew it wasn't good There are a lot of these things here
  7. Keep in mind this is only an opinion. I have never been sued over a medical bill. My small claims experience was with All American fitness. I had long hair, the all american attorney was really hot, the judge was an old geezer, and I sat on his desk. I think they will have detailed records of the amount they are suing for. These medical providers have contracts with the PPOs and some charges are not allowed and discounts apply on some others. You really need to see that insurance claim to see if everything they are charging you for is allowed.
  8. They are asking for the release due to the info being medical related and has special privacy restrictions (HIPPA) If your case is small claims the case # will be SC-2005-XXXX If your case is district it will be case # CS-2005-XXXX Technically they are both district court but the CS get the better judges. Do you have all the information from your insurance company about these charges?
  9. This sounds like small claims court. No discovery involved. Sorry but I don't have any helpful information dealing with small claims. My only experience was a disaster back in the early 90's.
  10. look again, good ole law firm will be staying in okc